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Yunnan Black Dalbergia A Sustainable Selection of Redwood Raw Materials

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-14
Among the 33 tree species listed in the national standard of my country's 'RedwoodThe Dalbergia odoratum in Hainan has been widely known and has been planted vigorously, but the black Dalbergia seems to be 'raised in the deepest boudoirs'. Yunnan Black Dalbergia Black Dalbergia belongs to the Dalbergia genus of the Papilionaceae family. Black Dalbergia is also known as Banna Ebony. It is also called 'Cowhorn Wood' because of its wood resembles horns. It is also called 'Sour Fragrant Tree' because of the sour fragrance of flowers and wood. The main producing area of u200bu200bDalbergia is in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan. The Dai people also call Dalbergia 'MiseituDalbergia is the top grade among mahogany and the treasure of domestic wood. Dalbergia black is listed in the black rosewood in the national standard of 'Redwood' in my country. Its heartwood is dark brown with reddish in black. The material is firm and dense. Dalbergia has extremely high hardness, corrosion resistance, termite resistance, insect resistance, bump resistance, and good durability. The heartwood of Dalbergia is a high-quality material for making high-end furniture, high-end crafts, high-end musical instruments and high-end interior decoration. Due to the fine material of black rosewood, ethnic minorities such as the Dai people in southern Yunnan often use black rosewood to make cattle flail, plows, crossbow machines, knife handles, farm implements, tools, and even bridge piers and houses, which can be immortal for hundreds of years. At present, my country's mahogany raw materials are basically dependent on imports. The CITES Convention has included seven mahogany raw materials in the scope of control. Many mahogany resource producing countries have formulated various policies to restrict mahogany exports. The mahogany market is facing a serious resource shortage crisis. Vigorously planting black rosewood can prepare follow-up resources for my country's unique rosewood industry. Dalbergia is also an excellent host tree for lac insects, and lac is the raw material for my country's important industries (mainly military industry). Vigorously planting Dalbergia can not only reserve important strategic redwood resources for our country, but also can stock lac insects in the forest to produce lac. Local farmers can also get rich income by stocking lac insects. Dalbergia is a hard broad-leaved tree species, which has good ecological stability and is not prone to pests, diseases and fires. Vigorously planting Dalbergia can obtain good ecological benefits. Mixing black rosewood with pure coniferous forest can greatly reduce the forest fire risk level, effectively prevent devastating pests and diseases, and improve the ecological stability of the forest. Dalbergia black can be mixed with a variety of tree species including Simao pine, and using Dalbergia black to transform existing low-quality and low-efficiency forests can greatly improve the quality of existing forests. Yunnan Black Dalbergia Nowadays, bananas, lychees, longans, bananas and other tropical fruits are grown in large numbers in some places. The pests and diseases are extremely rampant. The main reason is that a large area of u200bu200bcrops is planted with a single ecological environment and poor ecological stability. For example, using black rosewood to separate such a large area of u200bu200bsingle crops, on the one hand, it can block the channels for the transmission of pests and diseases. On the other hand, the tall trees of black rosewood can attract birds and various insects. It can prevent and slow down some pests and diseases. Planting Dalbergia can get twice the result with half the effort. Dalbergia is a wild plant that is easy to grow, reproduce and maintain, and some can also multiply into forests by themselves. Therefore, the planting of Dalbergia does not require special management, no special techniques, no watering and fertilization. Further reading: What kind of growth environment does redwood tree species need? Dalbergia can be used for afforestation in a large area. Dalbergia has strong adaptability and stress resistance, drought tolerance and barren tolerance. In the natural state, after the forest is destroyed, the black rosewood is the most mature tree species. Therefore, Dalbergia can be used as a pioneer tree species for the greening of barren hills in suitable areas in my country. Yunnan Black Dalbergia Black Dalbergia can be used as an ornamental tree for urban and rural greening. Dalbergia is a tall tree with a height of up to 20 meters and a diameter of up to 50-70 cm. Dalbergia has an umbrella-shaped crown, beautiful tree shape, simple and vigorous trunk, strong wind resistance and better shade, it is very suitable for urban viewing and greening tree species. Dalbergia is a tree species that bears earlier and more. The seeds of Dalbergia are rich in protein and are a good food for all kinds of small animals and birds. Planting black rosewood in cities can build a vibrant and stable urban forest ecosystem with the fragrance of birds and flowers, and all kinds of small animals. Dalbergia has a well-developed root system, which has a good protection of water and soil. Dalbergia is also a legume plant, which can improve the soil. In addition, Dalbergia is also an excellent nectar plant and medicinal plant. Therefore, planting Dalbergia can receive multiple benefits at one fell swoop. The wood of Dalbergia is strong, so it grows slowly. Some enterprises and individual farmers may be discouraged, but this problem is not difficult to solve. The recent benefits can be achieved through the sale of Dalbergia seedlings, the sale of Dalbergia sylvestris landscape tree species, and understory cultivation (Dalbergia sylvestris are rich in protein and are good feeds. Chickens, ducks and even ducks can be raised under Dalbergia sylvestris. Part of the investment will be recovered in the form of high-end poultry such as peacocks) and under-forest planting. After the trees become forests, they can also carry out leisure and vacation, establish forest rehabilitation hospitals, and develop the utilization of leaves, flowers, fruits, bark, and the development and utilization of small wooden products to generate income. Related reading: Detailed explanation of the easily confused mahogany species
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