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'Xianqi' bamboo furniture without losing solid wood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-21
The drama 'Flower Thousand Bones' is now coming to an end, and a treasure has even launched 'Flower Thousand Bones Same Style Mahogany Furniture' to attract customers' attention, but we don’t think of that shiny house no matter how we look at it. The furniture is the so-called mahogany furniture known for its dignity and elegance. Please forgive us for our ignorance, but no matter how we look at it, we all think that it is bamboo, and the elegant temperament of bamboo can be worthy of the immortal spirit. Don't underestimate bamboo, our country is known as the 'Bamboo Kingdom'. For thousands of years, bamboo has been closely related to the lives of our people. From the bamboo buildings of the Dai family to the bamboo corridors in the south of the Yangtze River, from the fresh and graceful silk and bamboo musical instruments to the simple and elegant bamboo furniture, all have permeated the heavy bamboo culture. However, due to the immaturity of traditional craftsmanship, raw bamboo furniture is prone to cracks and moths, which gradually fades out of people's sight. Under the promotion of modern environmental protection and low-carbon living concepts, bamboo furniture incorporates modern anti-moth technology, becoming an emerging low-carbon industry and returning to the furniture stage. Although bamboo furniture does not sound as high-end and elegant as mahogany furniture, it is not simple to make at all, and it requires 27 processes. Bamboo furniture is not only not simple in craftsmanship, but also has many advantages compared to solid wood in bamboo. 1. Bamboo products are made from a wide range of materials, and natural environmentally friendly bamboo can be used in 3-4 years. A 60-foot tree needs to be restored for 60 years, and a bamboo only needs 59 days. my country has abundant bamboo resources and is now the largest Exporting country of bamboo products. Substituting bamboo for wood is an effective measure to protect forest resources. 2. The natural resin glue is used in the splicing and shaping of the environmentally-friendly clean bamboo material to avoid the harm of formaldehyde to the human body. Moreover, the bamboo furniture made of carbonized bamboo material has an environmentally friendly and clean function, which can effectively remove harmful components in the air to the human body and improve the family’s health. Air. 3. Hygienic and moth-proof bamboo materials have eliminated the parasitic insect eggs in the bamboo during high-temperature cooking and carbonization during the production and processing; and the nutrients such as sugar, fat, starch, protein, etc. have been removed, so that the eggs have no growth environment, so they have super Strong anti-moth and mildew ability. Related reading: Bamboo furniture market and prospects 4. Advantages of new crafts The drying shrinkage coefficient is small, and it is not easy to be deformed and cracked. It has better physical properties than solid wood. 5. Its own characteristics. The growth radius of bamboo is much smaller than that of wood. It is less affected by sunlight and has no obvious difference between yin and yang. Therefore, bamboo products processed from high-quality bamboo materials have natural bamboo patterns, and are well-proportioned and beautiful in color and simple. Elegant temperament. In addition, due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, it has high moisture absorption and heat absorption performance. In the hot summer, sitting on it cools and absorbs sweat, and in winter it feels warm. This is beyond the reach of wood. Bamboo also has the ability of sound insulation. 6. Supplementary function The development of modern bamboo furniture not only solves the economic income problem of local bamboo farmers, but also solves the shortage of solid wood and makes a great contribution to the protection of forest resources. Buying a piece of bamboo furniture is equivalent to saving one. Tree. With the continuous enrichment of bamboo furniture design, more and more people prefer bamboo furniture, and gradually love the life of bamboo instead of wood. Low-carbon and environmentally friendly bamboo furniture will be more and more sought after by consumers.
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