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Woodiness! Wood also has a temper?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-30
Generally speaking, the sex of wood is not about the difference between men and women, and animals and plants, but the difference between the deformation and twisting force of wood, and the unique habits of wood itself. When carpenters are working, they saw a piece of wood and planed a plank. They often put up the following sentence: 'This wood has great properties.' The changes in dry and wet environments will produce relatively drastic changes, such as large cracks, large twists, large expansions, and large shrinkages. Sometimes the changes that occur are simply not the same. For example, the original square wooden square can be twisted into Twist-shaped, turn a few turns. When carpenters encounter this kind of wood, they must be very careful when doing their work. They must find ways to strengthen it, control it, and cage it so as not to change it drastically. If you encounter wood with less sex, that is, wood with a gentler personality, it will be easier to do the work, so you don't have to worry about it. The finished product will also change, but the changes and distortions will not be particularly severe. What kind of wood is great, and what is low? The old carpenter has many kinds of wood, and he has his own knowledge in his heart. For example, oak wood, ash, and color wood (maple) are all types of wood. The red pine, white pine, basswood, and catalpa are considered low-quality wood. Among the southern wood species, nanmu and fir are small in nature, while beech and longan are high in nature. Rosewood, safflower pear, and grass pear have high sex in mahogany, while red sandalwood and huanghua pear have relatively low sex. The old carpenter knows how to distinguish, and also knows how to make, so he can make sense of it. But the big sex and the little sex are relative terms and exist in comparison. As long as it is wood, it will expand with heat and shrink with cold, and it will also expand with moisture. A 3-5 mm expansion joint should be left on the surface of classical furniture to avoid large cracks and swelling deformation of the furniture, so that it can calmly cope with changes in natural temperature and humidity during use. Since wood has sex, it is very important to remove sex before making it. There are many ways to get rid of sex, but they can be roughly divided into three types: First, 'roasting' means putting logs, plates, and squares in a roasting room for steaming. In the early years, the roasting room mainly burned leaves, sawdust, branches, and chopping wood; later, it burned coal and oil, and then improved a little, using electric heating to roast it, which is similar to an electric oven. It’s just that it’s not the box that bake the wood, but the house. It takes a long time to bake wood, unlike toast, which is cooked in a few minutes or ten minutes. The wood was roasted in the early years, and it lasted three to five days, or even a week, slowly and darkly. The temperature should not be too high and no open flame can be seen, otherwise the wood will catch and become charcoal. After roasting, the nature of the wood is removed a lot, which is convenient for carpenters to use and operate. Secondly, the essence of 'blowing' is to let the wind blow, which can also be called the process of natural air drying. It takes three to five months or even half a year or one year to stack the plates and squares one after another, neatly stacking them up. Each layer of the plates and squares should be padded with small wooden strips as a space for convenience. Ventilated and breathable. Leave a large gap between the stacks to let the wind out. The board and square lumber is generally stored in a shady and ventilated place to avoid the sudden rise of the wood due to sun exposure. After palletizing, the uppermost part should be weighed with heavy objects, such as stones, steel, logs, etc. The heavier the better. After natural wind, rain, sun, and snow burying, the wood becomes less and less natural when it is dry and wet, wet and dry. Therefore, the older the wood, the smaller it is, and the easier it is to make and manage. Extended reading: Dead wood can be carved-wood plays new tricks. Thirdly, 'soaking' means throwing logs, boards, or recipes into water to soak. Soak it for a week, two weeks, or even a month, then pick it up and stack it up in a natural air-drying method, and then use it after it is completely air-dried. Or, after soaking, it is sent to the roasting room for smoking. There is another old way to speed up the speed of removal, which is to dig pits to release water, add lime or alkali, and soak the wood with lime water or alkali water, so that the soaking time can be greatly shortened. , Soak for two or three days and then take it out, or air-dry, or send it to the roasting barn. In short, the method of wood tossing is actually tossing back and forth, soaking and roasting, baking soaking, wet and dry, and dry and wet. The more times you toss, the less sex the wood is. Quite a bit of 'smelting into steel' taste. It was also like the quenching of steel, which burned red, and plunged into the cold water suddenly. The hardened steel is harder, and the de-sexualized wood is softer. It takes more toss to get rid of wood, and for the country to develop its economy and stabilize the society, there must be less tossing and no tossing. After the de-sexualized wood, it becomes more obedient and smoother in the hands of the carpenter. After the furniture is made, the ratio of thermal expansion and contraction is greatly reduced. In recent years, there has been a batch of antique-style furniture newly made from old wood, which has broken into boards and made furniture from decades or even hundreds of years of houses and beams. You don't have to worry about Mutu's temper when you buy furniture newly made from old wood.
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