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Wood structure design of modern solid wood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-15
Since ancient times, the structural design of wooden furniture in my country has been exquisite, showing the unique charm of Chinese furniture in lines, shapes and textures. Today, new Chinese-style furniture is based on absorbing the connotation and essence of ancient furniture, combined with the aesthetic pursuit of contemporary people, and innovating in wooden structure, so that Chinese-style furniture presents the beauty of the times. The lines of the wooden structure are especially important for Chinese furniture that emphasizes artistic conception and imagery, and the spatial sense of the combination of virtual and real. The wooden structure lines, which are responsible for the division, matching and reconstruction of the space, are inseparable from the exquisite wood connection technology, including mortise joints, tooth joints, inlays and other forms. Modern solid wood furniture not only uses modern machine mass production methods, but also retains the traditional exquisite manual links. It is connected by a reasonable tenon and tenon structure, and the materials are beautifully crafted, creating countless treasures, fully embodying the uniqueness of the oriental woodwork craftsmanship. Foot shape design The foot shape of the furniture is also a landscape, which shows the designer's ingenuity. Arch bridges, horseshoes, Arhat legs, cloisters... Furniture foot-shaped designs often come from the closest nature and the most inadvertent scenery. Retaining texture. Modern solid wood furniture is also the same as ancient furniture. It pays attention to retaining the texture of wood, so that the clear natural texture of the solid wood material is exposed. It is like a landscape painting of heavy mountains and green lakes. . Extended reading: New Chinese-style modern solid wood furniture, the slow life that you can enjoy at home, at first glance, seems to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city in an instant, in the mountains and clear waters, and find a place where you belong to your body and mind. The shape of the solid wood furniture design with auspicious patterns should be neatly retractable, not flashy, not ostentatious, not boasting, not overly polite, with rounded squares, natural and decent, tall and beautiful, rigid and soft, and exquisite in refinement. Such uniquely shaped furniture, with auspicious patterns as the finishing touch, conveys the charm of solid wood furniture by carving some vivid folk stories or with auspicious shapes and patterns. For example, the 'shou' pattern implies longevity and auspiciousness, and the bat pattern represents good fortune. And good luck. Furniture design for the past and present is the design of discovery first. Modern design will skillfully apply ancient Chinese elements to solid wood furniture, or add hand-carving of wonderful pens and flowers, or install the right bronze hinges, or come to a classic freehand Luohan leg... it has evolved into a modern person. Favorite furniture and artworks that are both practical and full of aesthetics, bringing tranquility and peace to people. The modern Chinese solid wood furniture that keeps pace with the times incorporates many modern elements on the basis of inheriting the connotation and essence of traditional Chinese furniture. According to the lifestyle and habits of modern people, and borrowing from the pastoral style of Europe and America, modern Chinese solid wood furniture pursues primary colors and minimalism, allowing people to taste simple and pure elegance in classical beauty. It is the skilled craftsmen who condense with wisdom, create with ingenuity, based on tradition, and driven by innovation, that have the wood structure design excellence and the unique charm of Chinese furniture!
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