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Wood cold knowledge: teach you how to distinguish true and false black walnut

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-29
In recent years, black walnut is a popular high-end furniture and decorative material. On the market, we will also see furniture made of black walnut in many furniture stores. Many businesses will say that the furniture they sell is made of real black walnut. As everyone knows, some sellers use the trick of 'little cat for princeThen, as consumers, we must learn to distinguish! What is black walnut? The wood heart and sapwood are clearly distinguished. The sapwood is light yellowish brown to light chestnut brown, the heartwood is reddish brown to chestnut brown, occasionally purple, with dark stripes in between, the long exposure air is chocolate-colored, and the growth rings are obvious. Logs are abundant in North America, Northern Europe and other places. The sliced u200bu200bveneer is often used for the surface of the wooden parts of construction projects, advanced classroom furniture and tables and chairs. Traditional wood veneer can be used for piano surface and interior decoration surface of middle and high-end cars, and its very precious California black walnut veneer is used for interior decoration of higher-end Mercedes-Benz cars and BMW cars or high-end club decorations. American black walnut furniture has become a popular domestic furniture and handicraft raw material due to its color and texture. As a result, the value of raw wood is about 6,000-8,000 yuan per cubic meter, which has now risen to 13,000-18,000 yuan per cubic meter. About cubic meters, the price of special specifications can even reach more than 20,000/cubic. The huge profit margin has caused some black-hearted vendors to replace black walnuts with other woods of similar color or texture. host. The difference between Catalpa and black walnut is the first. In terms of patterns, the shape of the annual ring pattern of the two is relatively similar, but the annual ring line of black walnut is accompanied by dense brown holes, while the annual ring line of Catalpa wood does not have a large density. Second, in terms of the degree of brown holes, there are fewer brown holes in Catalpa wood, and more brown holes in black walnut. The distribution of brown holes in Catalpa wood is more even. Black walnuts are distributed according to the annual ring line, and the closer to the annual ring line, the more; Third, in terms of color, black walnut has a darker color, but the color is uneven, ranging from light yellowish brown to chestnut brown, while the color difference between the heart and sapwood of Catalpa is small; fourth, from the perspective of wood, wooden Catalpa is darker For walnuts, the wood is slightly softer than black walnuts. The difference between Fraxinus mandshurica and black walnut is the first. Fraxinus mandshurica is straight, tough, dense, and wide, giving people a wild feeling. The texture of black walnut has no rules that can be found, and the texture is relatively good, with medium hardness and hardness; second, the ash texture is clear and beautiful, and it has a good-looking luster, which can imitate precious wood species. The color texture of black walnut is not all uniform chocolate color, it is presented in people's eyes in a very natural image, and it is a wood that other woods cannot easily imitate. Extended reading: Detailed explanation of the difference between true and false black walnut wood used in domestic common solid wood furniture. The color of walnut wood heartwood is usually light tan to brown. But its color and stripes usually vary from place to place. The walnut wood produced in Southeast Asia and made in China is lighter in color. Under normal circumstances, the walnut we choose to make furniture is light-colored walnut. The sapwood of walnut is milky white, and the heartwood ranges from light brown to dark chocolate, with occasional purple and darker streaks. The color transition of the real walnut pattern is relatively smooth, and the fake color transitions quickly, which can clearly distinguish between black and brown. The wood grain walnut tree grain is generally straight, sometimes with wavy or curly tree grain, forming a pleasing decorative pattern, the appearance of the produced walnut furniture is very beautiful and very textured. The real walnut pattern is more natural, and the fake walnut pattern feels the same. Because of the higher density, the real walnut is heavier than the fake one in the same size. And under the sun, the real walnut is heavier than the fake one at the same size due to its higher density, and under the reflection of the sun, something similar to gold will appear, but the fake one does not have this effect. In the case of using wood wax oil, the wood grain of black walnut is fine, and the polished texture is very good.If you touch it by yourself, the original color wood wax oil on black walnut without toner is very delicate and warm If it is fake black walnut, it has a certain bumpy feel, because the colored wood wax oil will block a part of the solid wood feel. If you like black walnut furniture, you must save this article. This way, it is more convenient when you buy mahogany furniture, because you can learn about it anytime, anywhere!
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