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Why is walnut furniture favored by people

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-22
A truly cost-effective product is the perfect combination of a good carrier and content. The mainstream walnut furniture on the market has reached the level that meets the requirements of both. Compared with other materials in the solid wood family, the price of walnut tree wood is relatively reasonable, lower than the well-known mahogany, rosewood and other materials, which greatly meets the needs of some practical buyers in the market. Compared with the mahogany furniture that has been loved by solid wood furniture users before, walnut wood is a subdivision solid wood product series with acceptable prices. There is no impact of skyrocketing prices, and there are few phenomena that the market is mixed due to huge profit margins. For consumers who demand practicality, it has become the best new choice. The beautiful appearance of walnut is an indirect driving force for consumers to purchase. The growth cycle of walnut is 60 years, second only to mahogany. Therefore, the surface of the material itself is smooth, the texture is fine, the color is lighter, and the cementation is easy. Walnut furniture can be described as the 'two-eye art' of furniture. In fact, in the solid wood family, the walnut tree is not particularly outstanding in terms of appearance. Walnut is inferior to the golden color of teak, without the dramatic mountain-shaped pattern of beech, and without the zigzag texture of old elm. However, walnut tree has another elegant taste. The plain texture is like clouds and flowing water, clear and uniform, with few knots, and the rustic features are very consistent with the rural style. In addition, walnut furniture also has many advantages in terms of performance. Different from the hardness of beech and elm, walnut tree has moderate density, excellent toughness, good processing performance, is not easy to crack and deform, and its wear resistance is also good. Therefore, in the finished furniture products, the appearance is unpretentious, fresh and elegant, which is very suitable for making rural style furniture. The environmental protection and health of walnut wood is the outer extension of consumer purchase: With the increase of the new generation of high cultural literacy consumer groups, the cultural content of the decoration trend has greatly increased, whether it is decoration or furniture, the concept of 'people-oriented' is used as the design guide Thought. People pursue environmentally-friendly and natural decoration styles, and the brands, tree species and styles of pure solid wood furniture are increasing day by day. Related reading: How to distinguish the quality of walnut furniture. With consumers' pursuit of environmental protection and nature, solid wood furniture products have received more attention. They have become independent solid wood furniture exhibitions from the original comprehensive exhibition, and have become a strong momentum The highlight of the Furniture Fair. At the same time, major brand manufacturers have introduced new products in the walnut series products, and made consumers realize the unique value of walnut by ensuring the production technology of environmental protection up to standards. For example, Huahe Group, which has 55 years of furniture production experience, has launched a series of walnut tree products with simple and elegant design and excellent environmental protection craftsmanship, providing consumers with more choices and boosting walnut furniture to gradually become a new decoration in the furniture industry. trend. Insiders in the home furnishing industry said that in the past two years, solid wood furniture materials have jumped out of low-priced tree species such as pine, and have begun to select high-quality tree species such as walnut, cherry, ash, white oak, and oak wood, which were previously only used as decorative panels. Substrate. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of consumers, the styles, colors and styles of solid wood furniture are becoming more and more diversified. New Chinese, French pastoral, American pastoral, Nordic simplicity and Southeast Asian styles have also become the main decoration trends.
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