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Why is the value of Huanghuali furniture so high?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-28
Why is the value of Huanghuali furniture high? Experts explained that Huanghuali has hard wood and beautiful textures, such as flowing clouds and flowing water, and the natural face (wood boil) of Huanghuali material is like a magical workmanship. Things to appreciate, pursue and play with are the best materials for making classic hardwood furniture. It is understood that Huanghuali was highly regarded by the literati in the Ming Dynasty. It was the beautiful material for making Ming-style furniture. It was produced in the Nanyang Islands. It is also produced in Hainan, my country, but not many. Huanghuali wood is orange-yellow in color, and some is reddish-purple, with a fragrance, clear texture, extremely stable wood, and not easy to deform. Due to the elegant and gorgeous texture of Huanghuali, Ming Dynasty literati and craftsmen mostly adopted a smooth and clean method when designing and making furniture to highlight the natural beauty and bookishness of its wood texture. In Ming Dynasty, literati and ink scholars advocated a natural outlook on life, paid attention to personal taste, and tried their best to find all kinds of beautiful objects. Most of them used huanghuali as the top grade to show their aesthetic mood and elegant talent. Some people even made the knife themselves, proud of having the exquisite Huanghuali pen holder, which promoted the production and development of the pen holder. Related reading: The difference between Huanghuali, Hainan, and Vietnam Very precious. Now it is rare to find small huanghuali objects such as pen holders.' Experts said. It is reported that objects made of huanghuali materials are very popular at auctions, and the prices have been rising year after year. “Take the huanghualisu pen holder of this specification that was unveiled today as an example. The price was around 200 yuan a dozen years ago, and the value at auction three years ago was more than 10,000 yuan, and the current value is at least 30,000 or 40,000 yuan. , We can see its value-added potential.' Experts give an example.
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