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Why is the price of hedgehog red sandalwood sofa so expensive?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-09
Pterocarpus hedgehog is a diffuse porous wood with obvious tendency of semi-annular porous wood and obvious growth rings. The heartwood is orange-red, brick-red or purple-red, often with dark stripes, scratches are visible to obvious, the tip is straight, the freshly cut wood has a fragrance, which fades or disappears over time. The texture of the hedgehog red sandalwood is staggered, and the structure is thin and even, so the made red sandalwood furniture is thick and durable. Red sandalwood furniture is a kind of mahogany furniture. To know the price of hedgehog red sandalwood sofa, we must first understand the raw material hedgehog red sandalwood. The hedgehog red sandalwood is mainly produced in tropical Africa. Due to wood import restrictions and huge market demand, the price of hedgehog red sandalwood is still rising. At present, in terms of the material and market performance of African hedgehog red sandalwood (African huanghuali), its market price range should be between 8500-9500 yuan/ton (price information is for reference only, and the actual product shall prevail). Extended reading: The present and the past of the hedgehog red sandalwood. Next, I will describe the reason why the hedgehog red sandalwood sofa is so expensive: the material is excellent. From the quality of the material, the furniture made of African hedgehog red sandalwood, whether it is classical furniture or European style furniture, Its wood grain expressiveness is not inferior to that of Vietnamese huanghuali, simple and thick, fully demonstrating the natural beauty of the material and exuding a strong cultural atmosphere. In addition, we should pay attention to the value of wood, that is, this wood corresponds to the height of the craft. Red sandalwood represents the highest level of craftsmanship of Qing-style palace furniture, and is also called 'red sandalwood worker'. Secondly, since the development of the mahogany furniture industry, it has entered a period of transformation and adjustment, from the early roughness to the creation of fine products, and the finely crafted red sandalwood furniture is in line with this trend. There are not many domestic companies that specialize in red sandalwood. In recent years, when the entire market has been cold, their business has risen instead of falling, which also shows that only genuine boutique furniture can be recognized by the market. Once again, India’s exports of red sandalwood have been relaxed in the past two years, and the quality and quantity of red sandalwood imported by China have exceeded previous years. On the whole, among high-end mahogany furniture materials, red sandalwood has greater potential for appreciation. Beautiful pattern Hedgehog red sandalwood often has dark stripes, scratches are visible, the texture is staggered, and the structure is thin and uniform. Therefore, the hedgehog red sandalwood sofa is not only durable, but also has beautiful patterns on it. The engraving uses very exquisite craftsmanship. And it looks very neat and beautiful from the outside. Raw materials are scarce In terms of history and culture, red sandalwood has been one of the most precious woods since ancient times. Red sandalwood was used by the royal family in ancient times. However, in the Ming Dynasty, the logging was exhausted, and the source of large materials was exhausted. According to statistics, my country’s annual online shopping plus physical store purchases of bracelets amount to several billions, but basically there are nine fakes, except for children and grandchildren as the top three. It is basically difficult for ordinary buyers. Can buy genuine products. Therefore, nowadays, the collection of 'inches of sandalwood and inch of gold' red sandalwood is not only regarded as a cultural and fashionable act, but also a symbol of identity and wealth. This is also an important reason why red sandalwood is precious to the world. Under the unsatisfactory economic situation, the highly cost-effective red sandalwood hedgehog is occupying the market with its unique artistic charm and conquering Chinese consumers. Regarding the rising price of hedgehog red sandalwood, some people in the industry expressed that they are very optimistic about the appreciation space of hedgehog red sandalwood furniture, and believe that this is also a good time to buy hedgehog red sandalwood furniture.
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