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Why is pine wood the material of choice for children's furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-25
The child is the heart and soul of every parent, and the safety and health of the child will always be given priority to by the parent. Therefore, when buying children's furniture, in addition to cute shapes or bright colors, the environmental protection of materials and the safety of the overall design are the most important to parents. Unlike adult furniture, which has a wide variety of wood choices, children's furniture is generally made of environmentally friendly boards or pine. Pine is not considered high-grade as a furniture wood, but it is widely used in the production of children's furniture. Without letting people wonder, what is the reason? Pine is safer as a cork for children’s furniture. Considering the safety of users, the state requires that sharp corners on children’s furniture be rounded to ensure that in the event of a bump, the rounded corners will harm children far less than sharp corners. The pine wood floor is soft and easy to round, and it can effectively reduce safety hazards when used to make children's furniture. Although the wood is not as good as black walnut, ebony and other hardwoods, it is because of its softness that makes it the first choice for making children's furniture. The soft texture is not only convenient for rounding corners, but also for designing and carving various shapes that children like. Hard wood is not only difficult to construct when carving, and a little carelessness will cause the wood to burst. The softness and hardness of the wood also determines the size of the pain after a collision. The texture of pine is soft. Even if a child bumps during use, it will not cause serious damage like hardwood. Therefore, in addition to children's furniture, many children's toys are also made of pine. Make. Related reading: The characteristics of the production process of pine furniture. Pine wood is more natural and environmentally friendly. Unlike the board, which uses a large amount of glue for bonding, there may be hidden dangers of formaldehyde release. The most important reason for consumers to choose solid wood furniture is the environmental protection of wood. Therefore, most parents will choose pure solid wood when purchasing furniture for their children. Therefore, pine furniture has become the first choice for children's furniture because of its natural and environmentally friendly characteristics. At present, the children's furniture market has also appeared in the environmental protection grade E0 board furniture, and the business advertised that the environmental protection grade is higher than that of solid wood. However, the so-called E0 mark does not mean that there is no formaldehyde emission, but that the formaldehyde emission ≤0.5mg/L, and the national standard E0 is actually the European E1 level, so it is not more environmentally friendly than solid wood. The price of pine is suitable and the replacement cost is low. In addition to environmental protection factors, solid wood furniture is also durable because of the mortise and tenon process, even if it is assembled twice, it will not affect the use. Even furniture such as mahogany has the function of preservation and appreciation and heirlooms. The solid wood furniture on the market is mostly made of hardwoods such as black walnut and ebony wood, and has a long service life. Therefore, even if the price is expensive, consumers are willing to buy it. However, children’s furniture is different from adult furniture. Children are in a period of rapid growth and development, and their height and weight will change accordingly. If you buy solid wood furniture that is as expensive as adults, the color tone is dull and the children don’t like it, and the design is inconsistent. Not suitable for children. Even if the size is customized, it may not be used for two years, and the furniture will have to be replaced because the size of the furniture is too small. This is a big expense for most families. Pine is regenerated wood with a fast growth cycle, and the price is cheaper than other wood species. The price of a pine child bed on the market is only about 2,000 yuan-3,000 yuan, which is only a fraction of a solid wood bed, and it is not distressing for parents to replace it after three to five years.
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