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Why is Ming and Qing Dynasty rosewood furniture so 'expensive'?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-02
The Ming and Qing Dynasties are the golden age of furniture. Among the numerous existing Ming and Qing furniture, the exquisite craftsmanship value, the extremely high artistic appreciation value and the heavy historical and cultural value are more concentrated. As an important part of Ming and Qing furniture culture, red sandalwood furniture is also one of the most expensive furniture in China. Inventory of precious Ming and Qing rosewood furniture in those years. As of the end of 2012, the top three most expensive Ming and Qing rosewood furniture in auction history are as follows: First place: Qing Qianlong rosewood carved cloud dragon throne, Hong Kong Sotheby's, October 8, 2009 8578 Ten thousand Hong Kong dollars second place: Qing Qianlong imperial red sandalwood carved throne with a dragon pattern on December 5, 2010 RMB 71.68 million Poly third place: Qing Qianlong red sandalwood carved throne with a 'celebration of life' pattern on November 12, 2011 57.5 million yuan The position of red sandalwood and red sandalwood furniture in the Ming and Qing dynasties The famous sentence of Tang Dynasty poet Wang Jian 'golden the red sandalwood trough, the string should be adjusted higherRed sandalwood has always been appreciated by palaces and dignitaries because of its satin-like jade texture, dazzling and compelling color, and elegance. Before the publication of 'Ming Furniture Research' by Mr. Wang Shixiang in the 1980s, red sandalwood furniture had always been ranked first in the collections of classical furniture collections and major museums in various countries, and it was irreplaceable for furniture made of other materials. . In ancient times, the tax on red sandalwood was generally higher than that of all woods except sandalwood and agarwood. According to earlier documents, red sandalwood has been imported into Guangzhou Port. During the Song and Ming dynasties, many countries have shipped red sandalwood as tribute to China for the royal palace. Red sandalwood grows in the mountainous areas of southern and southwestern India. The most concentrated production area is Mysore. The soil is barren and steep slopes are not conducive to the preservation of water. As a result, the growth of red sandalwood is very slow, and the mature period is generally more than 500 years. . People often say 'Ten Tan Nine SkyRed sandalwood is mostly hollow, and the yield rate when making furniture is low, generally only about 10-20%. These factors are the main reasons for the scarcity and high price of red sandalwood. The workmanship of red sandalwood furniture is different from that of ordinary wood. There is the term 'red sandalwood workmanshipMing-style furniture mostly uses full, round, smooth, and smooth lines to show its simplicity, elegance and weight. Generally, without carving or combining with light elements, the noble texture, color, texture and finished product of red sandalwood give people a round, heavy, and quiet feeling. This is a kind of 'red sandalwood workmanship'. The other, especially after entering Qianlong and Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty, in order to fully demonstrate the wealth and luxury of the Qing Empire, the nature of red sandalwood that is dense, dense, oily, and consistent in color just meets the desire of craftsmen to carve and display their talents. It has carved furniture with exquisite pattern design layout and unique ingenuity. In history, the production of red sandalwood furniture was mostly concentrated in the hands of the court and dignitaries. Literati participated in the design and production. The artisans from Guangzhou and Suzhou, who were highly skilled in the country, produced a large number of red sandalwood furniture with extremely high artistic standards. At present, in addition to the Forbidden City, there are many exquisite handed down works in the hands of other domestic museums and major collectors. Museum collections in the United States and the United Kingdom are very rich, and they have been regarded as the treasure of the town museum. The identification method of red sandalwood furniture. Firstly, if the surface color is red sandalwood, the new section will be orange-red, and for a long time, it will be dark purple or purple red, often with black ribs. Second, if the texture is red sandalwood, the texture is staggered, and some are partially curled (cow hair pattern). If the third warm scent is sandalwood and red sandalwood when rubbed with objects, it will have a very weak fragrance, like sandalwood scent, but not the same as the burning incense we smell in our daily lives. It smells great when you plan the floor with a file or table saw. Fourth, the method of soaking in water and alcohol is used to identify whether the red sandalwood has faded. After soaking in water, the red sandalwood can be leached out of purple-red color, and there is fluorescence on it. The red sandalwood sawdust can be dyed after being soaked with alcohol, and it will never fade. On the one hand, the weight of the fifth red sandalwood wood can be found whether it has reached the density of red sandalwood through the weighing, on the other hand, pay attention to the hand feel during the lifting process. The weight of red sandalwood is about 1:1.03 or more, if it is less than this ratio, you need to be careful. Sixth, the sound of red sandalwood. The red sandalwood’s percussive sound is clear and pleasant, and there is no noise. If it is another sound, it means there is a problem. Related Links: Antique red sandalwood furniture collection needs to know the price of red sandalwood wood and furniture in the antique furniture market has also stabilized, but whether to invest in red sandalwood antique furniture at this stage, this needs to be rationally arranged according to the amount of personal funds, how many Points to note: First, the purchase and collection of new imitation red sandalwood antique furniture can be for the purpose of investment, but do not speculate; second, you should learn more about the craftsmanship, style, wood category, market conditions, and merchants of antique furniture before buying. Credibility, etc., you will not be deceived if you have a deep understanding; third, buying red sandalwood neo-imitation classical furniture should be better than indiscriminate, rather spend more money to buy high-quality goods, rather than greedy to buy the quantity, because only high-quality antique furniture has more More room for appreciation can stand the test of time. After all, furniture made of this kind of material is expensive. The beauty of the shape, the quality of the craftsmanship, and the artistic grade should be put first. Related Reading: Appreciation of Qing Dynasty Furniture
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