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Why is jujube furniture precious?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-29
The tree species of jujube is jujube, which belongs to the plum family. There are nearly 200 species of jujube in my country. Jujube trees, deciduous trees, up to 10 meters high, with an ovoid crown. The bark is gray-brown, striped. Branches are divided into long branches, short branches and abscisive branches. The tree species of jujube is the jujube tree, which is a perennial woody plant. It grows very slowly. If it is to grow into a thick trunk, it will take at least several decades. It is a long-term jujube tree, such as a hundred-year-old jujube tree trunk. The thickness of the tree is about the same as the trunk of a general tree of thirty or fifty years old. The growth characteristics of the jujube tree also determine the hardness and fineness of the jujube wood, and its non-deformable wood properties, so the jujube is very suitable as a sculpture. And furniture. The wood species has beautiful patterns, light red or dark red tones, and outstanding stability. It is a classic and popular high-end Southeast Asian wood species. Because the wood species is scarce, it is more precious and has a very high collection value. Features of Jujube 1. Beautiful appearance Jujube has beautiful appearance and pattern, which is more in line with modern people's advocating nature and returning to the original. Jujube tree with iron bones, buckling vertically and horizontally, is strange in clumsiness, and has plum wind. Mr. Zhu Huimin from Xianxian Deju Temple chanted the old jujube tree with the phrase 'the plum is not good when the flowers are fragrant, and the plum can still be seen in the snow'. 2. Hard wood jujube wood is hard and dense, with clear texture and good stability. The tensile strength of wood along the grain is three times that of walnut wood. This also shows that the log is not cracked and not hollow, so the jujube is a very stable Of wood. Related reading: Mahogany furniture yield rate is only 31%? Expensive in management 3. High collection value Jujube trees generally grow very slowly, the trunk with a thick bowl needs to grow for decades, and its wooden structure has natural metal Texture, so its collection value is very high, and jujube is also rich in resin and oily substances. 4. Zaomu heat insulation. Now some people use jujube wood to process bowls, dishes and other tableware for export. Especially the jujube bowl is not afraid of bumps or hot hands. It is most suitable for children who have thin skin and tender meat.
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