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Why is Chinese lacquer called the 'king of paint'?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-17
Raw lacquer, commonly known as 'earth lacquerKnown as the 'king of paint' in the world. Raw lacquer has a long history, and our ancestors have accumulated rich experience in cultivation, harvesting, and use. According to written records, the technology of planting lacquer trees and using lacquer has been developed during the pre-Qin period in my country. 'The Book of Songs and Wind' contains: 'Dingzhi Fangzhong, made in the palace of Chu, Gu Zhi said, made in the Chu room, tree hazel, chestnut, Tong, Zi, lacquer'. It can be seen that in the pre-Qin period, lacquer was already a common cultivated economic tree species in our country. In terms of use, from the discovered antiquities, we have also seen many examples of the early use of raw lacquer by the ancestors, such as the lacquered wooden bowl excavated in Hemudu Village, Yuyao, Zhejiang in 1978, and so on. Natural raw lacquer is a kind of milky white pure natural liquid paint cut from the sumac tree, which gradually turns brown after exposure to air, and the surface dries and hardens in about 4 hours to form a paint film. The economic value of raw lacquer is very high. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, acid resistance, solvent resistance, heat resistance, good water resistance and insulation, and rich luster. It is used for military industry, industrial equipment, agricultural machinery, infrastructure, handicrafts and high-end High-quality paint for furniture, etc. At present, there are roughly four types of raw lacquer produced in my country, namely Maoba lacquer, big wood lacquer, small wood lacquer and oilseed lacquer. The lacquer wiping process of raw lacquer The raw lacquer process is a means of maintaining and beautifying wooden furniture in the traditional furniture process. Raw lacquer is harvested from the natural lacquer tree, and the furniture is painted to preserve the natural wood color and natural texture. This is a green and natural wood-making technique, which has little harm to the human body, especially it can penetrate into the wood and penetrate deep into the wood. The most widely used lacquer process is in the lacquering process of mahogany furniture. The mahogany furniture made from this has clear grain, smooth and fluent color, clear and luminous color, and comfortable hand feeling. It can not only significantly extend the life of mahogany furniture, but also increase the appreciation space of mahogany furniture, and enhance its artistic appreciation value. Take the raw lacquer process of mahogany furniture as an example. The process includes multiple steps such as primer, scraping, frosting, and then lacquering. Every time the furniture is painted, sandpaper is required to be sanded after it is dried, then painted, and then polished. This process needs to be repeated more than a dozen times. In this process, the furniture has to be sent to the shade room many times, because the paint film can only be dried under a certain humidity and temperature. Related reading: Why is the lacquer process of mahogany furniture called the 'king of paint'? Natural raw paint has the functions of corrosion resistance, strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, moisture-proof insulation, high temperature resistance and soil resistance. So far, no synthetic coating can surpass it in terms of hardness and durability. It is called the 'king of paint' and its advantages can be roughly summarized in four points: 1. Natural and environmentally friendly. Raw lacquer is different from general chemical lacquer. It is a kind of healthy and environmentally friendly lacquer. It is a milky white gelatinous liquid harvested from the knee tree. Since it is derived from plants, it has a strong affinity with wood and is not only green and harmless. , And it can penetrate deep into the wood. At the same time, due to its natural nature, it is pollution-free, safe and environmentally friendly, and does not harm the human body. It can well protect the surface of the furniture from damage. 2. Long-lasting gloss. The paint film of raw lacquer is bright, the color is durable, and the gloss retention performance is excellent, so it has the advantages of being durable, not discolored, not easy to be polluted, not afraid of insects, and not affected by temperature. Mahogany furniture, as high-end and precious wooden furniture, has higher requirements for coatings than ordinary general wooden furniture, and the finishing process is also more complicated. It usually uses a raw lacquer process to treat the surface of the furniture. In the process of lacquering mahogany furniture, the raw lacquer is polished layer by layer into the pores on the surface of the wood product and mixed with the wood billet. It not only has better protection function, but also can resist corrosion, acid and alkali, high temperature and fire. And it will become smoother and smoother with age. 3. Good permeability. The raw lacquer will show the texture and pores of the wood more realistically, and show the natural beauty of the material even more. The polished mahogany furniture must be taken to the paint room. The requirements for paint booths are very high, with both temperature and humidity. Because paint is easy to dry under such conditions. After the furniture is dry in the shade, take it out and sand it with fine sandpaper. After removing the floating paint, apply a layer of paint, and then enter the paint room to dry it in the shade. Repeat this 10-15 times. After many repetitions, to ensure that the lacquer can penetrate into the wood well, instead of just adhering to the wooden surface. 4. Moisture-proof and anti-corrosion. Raw lacquer is more widely used in the south. Due to the humid weather in the south, applying a thin layer of raw lacquer on the surface of furniture can effectively prevent moisture. After drying to form a film, it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance and insulation, oxidation resistance, friction resistance, and high temperature resistance. Unlike synthetic paints commonly used today, raw lacquer has a sense of life. It is used to protect furniture and is also a part of furniture art. As the years change, each layer of lacquer also has a different 'waking up' state. This is the warm and moist beauty created by the time of lacquer storage. It is precisely this characteristic that makes lacquer works endure forever, always glowing with a never-decaying artistic charm, and able to be the 'king of paint' to inherit our long and glorious Chinese civilization.
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