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Why everyone loves to sleep in a five-star hotel?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-16
Extra-large pillows, soft and fluffy duvets, comfortable and elastic latex mattresses, lying on a super luxurious and huge bed, warm, romantic and comfortable, the floor-to-ceiling windows may have the ultimate beauty or overlook the entire city . This is usually a warm night in a five-star high-end hotel. Everyone loves to sleep in a five-star hotel, because the sleeping environment provided by a five-star hotel is unique, not just the hardware of the room, but more importantly, the quiet and soothing atmosphere of the interior. So how can we create a romantic and peaceful sleeping environment? How do five-star high-end hotels generally design and create a high-quality sleeping environment? To this end, the reporter visited Beijing Waldorf Astoria, Westin and other luxury hotels, and communicated with the hotel management room, and learned that these high-end hotels have three key factors in designing and creating high-quality sleeping environments, namely mattresses, Control of bedding and indoor temperature and humidity environment. A one-of-a-kind mattress is a must-have for a five-star hotel. When purchasing a mattress, the hotel has clear requirements for the elasticity, support and comfort of the mattress. At the same time, it also pays attention to wire springs, latex, The specific material of the fabric and other materials. Mattress brands that can be selected for high-end hotels are usually 'rich or expensiveFor example, these high-end hotels visited by reporters all use American Jin Keer mattresses. It is understood that the brand has a history of more than 100 years and is an internationally renowned manufacturer of high-end mattresses. Waldorf Astoria Beijing chooses Jin Keer mattresses. In addition, the hotel also attaches great importance to the maintenance of mattresses. According to relevant Westin room service managers, except for some special mattresses that do not need to be turned over, every quarter, the hotel will Flip the mattress once, four times a year, so that different parts of the mattress are evenly stressed to ensure the quality of sleep for guests. Related reading: Want to choose a good mattress? Go to five-star hotels to choose bedding. Five-star hotels usually choose white cotton bedding. Generally, high-count fabrics are used, with a warp and weft density of not less than 6080, to ensure that the fabric is clean and has good air permeability. If it is a woolen blanket, it is generally pure worsted wool and plain, soft to the touch and treated with flame retardant and mothproof. In addition to bed sheets and quilts, the hotel will also provide a variety of pillows. For example, in addition to buckwheat pillows and sponge pillows, it can also provide various pillows such as neck pillows, aromatherapy pillows, massage pillows, and cassia pillows. These pillows are different in hardness, elasticity, height and filling, and provide personalized services according to the needs of passengers. Bedding is the first line of defense in intimate contact with the sleeper's skin, comfort and safety are the most important. The comfort and details of the bedding in the five-star hotel are very important. With the hardware foundation of the mattress and bedding, it is also very important to create a good sleeping environment. Comfort, safety, quiet and relaxation are the four key words for creating an environment. General hotel suites are very particular about the space and furniture matching. Through the arrangement of the furniture, the space will not appear too cramped, and at the same time, it will not be too empty, resulting in a sense of lack of dependence and security. In addition, luxury high-end hotels have strict controls on light and noise to ensure a quiet sleeping environment. At the same time, the control of temperature and humidity is also very important.
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