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Why does solid wood furniture crack? It turns out that these four reasons are at work!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-24
People with good financial conditions at home generally choose solid wood furniture when buying furniture. But after buying it back, if there is cracking, everyone subconsciously thinks that this is furniture made of fake solid wood. Today we are discussing several reasons for cracking of solid wood furniture. Reason 1: The moisture content of solid wood. If the wood of the manufacturer is of low drying quality, or the drying time is insufficient, it will be used for production, which will cause the moisture content of different parts of the furniture to be different. When encountering environmental changes, the furniture will crack itself under the stress remaining in the wood. Reason 2: The moisture content of furniture caused by weather is one to two percentage points lower than the actual average moisture content of the air. Due to the difference in geographical location, the climate and weather in our country are also different, so the requirements for the moisture content of solid wood furniture are also different. For example, the annual average moisture content in Beijing is 11.4%, so the moisture content of solid wood furniture should be controlled at 10.4% or 9.4%; the average moisture content of air in the south is 14%, and the north requires 12% to 13%. Therefore, after some southern solid wood furniture is shipped to the north, cracks will occur. Extended reading: Are the solid wood furniture you bought genuine? Reason three: improper use and improper use. Some friends do not take good care of the precious solid wood furniture, and place it in the bedroom by the window, so that the solid wood furniture 'endures' the sun. Or wipe the dust with a towel that is too moist. In addition, moving furniture at will can also cause damage to the furniture frame. Reason 4: Transport damage. Transport damaged furniture will inevitably have bumps during transportation. In addition to the weather, the transportation of solid wood furniture is even more difficult. Although solid wood furniture is relatively wear-resistant and durable compared to furniture made of other materials, it is hard to be spared if it is not maintained well. After reading the above four points about the causes of cracks in solid wood furniture, do you have an understanding of the causes of cracks in solid wood furniture?
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