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Why do we need to order furniture first and then decorate?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-16
For decoration, the most traditional construction is to design the walls, floors and other parts of the room according to the predetermined style, and then match the living room and bedroom furniture and accessories according to its style. But remind you that the difficulty of choosing furniture will become the most common problem for decorators. The new model of decoration promoted by many decoration companies and designers—'customize furniture first and then decorate' solves this problem well. The so-called post-renovation is not to start work after buying the furniture, but to set the style, color, size, and price of the furniture before starting work, and then let the designer make other designs according to your customized furniture, such as the color of the wall, Floor patterns, tile placement, etc. What are the benefits of doing this? Benefit 1 Reduce unnecessary expenses Customizing furniture first is an effective way to control the cost of decoration. Everyone who has renovated knows that the final decoration styles basically exceed the original budget, because there are often some unpredictable additions during the decoration process, such as a few more cabinets inexplicably, which naturally consumes labor and materials. Too much, not to mention the lengthening of the construction period, but also to pay more, which is not reflected in the original quotation of the decoration company. After choosing the furniture, you actually spent a large part of the decoration cost, and the basic pattern has been determined. The rest is just to hand over the basic engineering part to the decoration company to do it, which will avoid a lot of Unnecessary additions. Many people spend a lot on decoration, but when they buy furniture, they find that they are embarrassed. They can only buy some cheap furniture that does not match the decoration style. The overall feeling of home decoration is extremely inconsistent. Benefit 2: Worry-saving, labor-saving and time-saving The home furnishing market is of a comprehensive nature. You can also take a look at the furniture when you are shopping for building materials. If you have the right one, you can book it. One can let the designer have a goal, and the other can reduce shopping The number of times in the building materials city, save worry and effort. Nowadays, many consumers prefer pure imported furniture. Many special pure imported furniture have a waiting period of at least one month, because production and transportation require a certain amount of time. However, before the decoration, the furniture-especially the wardrobes and cloakrooms are booked. The decoration is over, and the customized furniture can be delivered for installation, so that the time of moving can be at least half a month in advance. Why not? : 10 steps to buying furniture: The most practical furniture buying process guide. Benefit 3 Helps to accurately grasp the style. Most 'quasi-decorators' actually don’t have much decoration experience and no well-formed design ideas. Many people just learn from newspapers, The Internet or other people’s homes have learned some basic knowledge, and when communicating with the designer, they only hold the floor plan. This results in the designer not being able to understand your preferences well, but continuing their original design style, and some even Apply the original plan directly to the decoration. It’s different if you customize the furniture and then choose a designer. You can take the designer to look at the customized furniture you like, and tell him the size, so that the designer can learn about the style you like through the furniture. Incorporate products into his design to unify the style of the entire home. The designer will also make some changes in the room layout according to the size of the furniture, so that there is no need to reluctantly cut off some furniture in order to cater to the design style. Benefit 4 According to the furniture design space, generally when funds allow, everyone will give some small pieces of furniture such as shoe cabinets and Duobaoge to the decoration company in order to save trouble. They think that this will not only save time and effort, but also avoid themselves. The size of the purchased furniture is inappropriate. However, the furniture made on site by the decoration company pays too much attention to the use of functions and cannot meet consumers' demand for fashionable home furnishings. If these furniture are ordered in advance before the decoration, these troubles will be avoided, because now the house structure is more flexible, and many spaces can be opened and partitioned at will. Extended reading: How to match Southeast Asian style furniture
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