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Why do most of the cabinets now use particle board?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-13
When we visited the building materials market, we found that most of the cabinets on the market are made of particle board. So friends who don’t know much about particle boards came to me and asked me: I heard that particle boards are glued together. Will the formaldehyde be high?... We sorted out the problems we received in the background. Now, let's answer everyone in a unified way. Regarding the particle board, we must first know these two points: 1. The particle board is not inferior, and the formaldehyde concentration is much lower than that of many miscellaneous boards on the market. 2. Regardless of the world's top brands or domestic first- and second-tier well-known brands, most of them use particle board, density board, etc. as cabinets. Ecological boards are relatively less than multi-layer boards. Is it the opposite of what you think? Because most people think that particle board is inferior to ecological board and multi-layer board. So why do big brands use particle board for cabinets? Today we will come to have a good chat with you all, to solve your doubts! At present, there are mainly these types of home building materials on the market: particle board (particle board, moisture-proof board), density board (medium fiber board), ecological board (wood board, large core board), multi-layer board (plywood), finger joint Boards, logs, etc. In the market, there are basically certain famous brands. The cabinets generally use particle boards, and the door panels may be made of various materials. Why do big brands choose this way? The main reasons are the following 01 physical properties The anti-deformation ability of the particle board and the anti-cracking ability are higher than that of the boards other than the density board. The grip is higher than density boards and some ecological boards. The moisture resistance is higher than that of MDF. The waterproofness is lower than log and multi-layer board, and the strength is lower than multi-layer board, knuckle board and density board, but for the current custom cabinets, they are all three-in-one fasteners, not on-site partition walls. Therefore, the physical properties of his defects are negligible. From the physical performance point of view, the particle board is the most suitable for customized products. 02Environmental protection performance Most of us deeply believe that which piece of wood is large enough is environmentally friendly. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The wood itself contains formaldehyde, the content is about 0.1 mg, and the rest of the formaldehyde comes from the glue of the glued board and the process control of the production process (including logs), so the glue and the production process are the key. There are urea-formaldehyde glue, tri-amino glue and MDI glue. The formaldehyde content in the glue determines whether this board is environmentally friendly, and it has little to do with the type of board and the size of the wood strip. Particle board and MDF are environmental protection industries encouraged by the state, and they are also commonly used furniture panels in some developed countries. Extended reading: Shangpin Home Delivery orders solid wood furniture, what is the pellet board? Its investment threshold is also relatively high, so it is only well-known large-scale plate companies that will have production, and the environmental protection indicators of these large companies are very stable. For major furniture brands, this is the core purchase indicator. 03Production performance The size of particle board and density board are relatively accurate, and the interior is dense, which is convenient for large-scale mechanized and electronically controlled production. However, the accuracy of the size of the eco-board multilayer board is not enough, especially the inside of the eco-board is not dense, good equipment can not be used at all, only suitable for some relatively poor equipment and on-site construction (on-site construction generally does not use particle board, equipment is not good, and more use Eco board and knuckle board). 04 Cost Under the condition of the same environmental protection index, the cost of ecological board and multilayer board is higher than that of particle board. (Note that the same environmental protection indicators here do not include well-known brands such as Lushuihe and Daya.) This is the reason why the cabinets of the regular big brands basically choose particle board. (However, because the particle board modeling effect is not good, the door panels that need to be shaped generally use MDF and solid wood logs.) Since you already know the reasons why big brands like to use particle boards, let's take a look at why other brands like to use ecological boards. And multilayer board? The craftsmanship and equipment of big factories are often the best. With the same configuration, the production cost of big brands is much lower than that of small factories. Therefore, their procurement costs and mechanized production costs are relatively low, and the only expensive ones are channel costs, brand costs, service costs and operating costs. Standardize the production workshop of the factory because of the purchase cost and production cost, the small factory cannot completely follow the trend. If the small factory is completely the same as the regular brand configuration (not only the cabinet board), and it is genuine, then the sales price gap is absolutely not It will be more than 5% (if the price of the plate you buy is too far from the market price, then you may have to conduct a formaldehyde test). Under this gap, customers generally will not choose. Small workshop wardrobe production point. So, if you want to sell the price low and make money, there are only two ways to do it. The first is a fake brand-name particle board, which has a certain risk (if a source of goods known as a big brand suddenly emerges, then you have to be careful). The second is to recommend boards that are not used by major brands and conduct misaligned operations. Customers can't compare, and even this board looks better than particle board and density board from the appearance, it will have a selling point. (Original title: So many big brands are using particle board for cabinets, what about particle board?)
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