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Why can the top spot of Huanghuali in the Ming Dynasty sell for a sky-high price of nearly 70 million yuan?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-31
The ancients said that it was 'the top spotSo how much does it cost to take the top spot? It is reported that there are no more than dozens of Ming Dynasty Huanghuali top seats, so you can imagine its expensive and rare. Huanghuali furniture can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty and became popular during the Ming Dynasty. The top spot appeared in the Song and Yuan dynasties and was used for field outings, hunting, and marching operations. The top chairs are easy to fold and carry, but at the same time they need to be load-bearing and not easy to preserve intact. Therefore, the handed down products are very rare and are mostly hidden in public museums. The top chairs in good condition and exquisite workmanship have become unquestionable in the minds of collectors. Treasures. In the 1940s, when the 'Chinese Huali Furniture Picture Research' came out, Huanghuali furniture was once regarded as grassy; during the Cultural Revolution, many Ming and Qing furniture represented by Huanghuali were destroyed as the 'four oldsIn the wave of “national steelmaking”, in the 1980s, Hong Kong and Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese, who first understood the value of huanghuali, organized groups to go to the mainland to sweep goods at very low prices, although many huanghuali were rescued. Huali, but also changed hands so that most of them have been distributed to Europe and the United States. According to incomplete statistics, 70% of the current Huanghuali furniture is in the hands of European and American collectors. Nowadays, the price of Huanghuali furniture has soared, but they have occupied the gifts that our ancestors should have left us. Extended reading: Can I buy 'Huanghuali' furniture for 80,000 yuan in the circle of friends? Pit! There are very few Huanghuali top chairs in the Ming Dynasty. The most optimistic estimate is that there will be no more than dozens of them in the world. Sotheby's (Weibo) and Christie's two major sales houses have auctioned a few in the past 20 years, and the lowest bid price is also 500,000 US dollars. No wonder some people have said that if you can collect a good chair, it is equivalent to 'situating' the world. The top chair in the Ming Dynasty is known for its beautiful and smooth shape. Its chair circle curve is soft and free, commonly known as 'Crescent Armrest'. . Huanghuali wood is stable, does not deform, crack, or bend regardless of cold or heat, and has toughness. It is suitable for all kinds of special-shaped furniture. In addition, huanghuali has fine texture, clear and beautiful patterns, deep and pure and elegant, which was deeply loved by the Ming Dynasty literati. It is reported that at the Nanjing Zhengda auction on December 12, 2010, the Huanghuali chair of the Ming Dynasty, which was called the top spot in the autumn auction by the industry, sold nearly 70 million yuan in Beijing, setting a historical Huanghuali chair auction. The highest price. After nearly 10 rounds of 'competitionThis top seat is made of huanghuali, with four armrests connected with each other, and the joints are reinforced with iron silver ornaments, and the two ends are turned to the end. The back plate is curved into an 'S'-shaped assembly line, with curved narrow-angle teeth on both sides, the upper part of the back plate is carved with pagoda brake patterns, and the lower part of the back plate is lit up. There are iron clad and hairpin inlaid with silver wire on the wood joints and the foot and legs, and they are reinforced with rivets. On the iron sheet, the hairpin is carved with moiré or the hairpin with flowers, and the details are also exquisitely decorated. The top spot in the Ming Dynasty has smooth lines and beautiful shapes. In particular, after the Qing Dynasty, huanghuali has become increasingly rare. Among the top of the Ming Dynasty handed down, Hainan huanghuali is the most rare. It can be called the pinnacle of Chinese household history.
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