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Why are bare furniture more and more popular?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-16
In recent years, China’s rapid economic development has been accompanied by increasing people’s desire for consumer demand. However, some illegal manufacturers have begun to sell fake milk, fake eggs, etc. The same is true in the mahogany furniture market. Some businesses seek to reduce costs. For greater profits, white skins are mixed into the core material, or fake materials are mixed and replaced with inferior materials. Light furniture is becoming more and more popular in this environment. According to the surface treatment process of mahogany furniture, it is classified into three types: one is waxing, one is lacquer, and the other is bare. Lacquer: At present, it is a relatively common process. The lacquer on mahogany furniture is not a general chemical paint, but a natural lacquer. It can protect mahogany furniture very well, but there are also deficiencies in lacquering. However, the lacquered mahogany furniture conceals the true face of the wood, which provides an opportunity for unscrupulous merchants to fake it. Some merchants use inferior wood or white edges to pretend to be mahogany in order to obtain higher profits. Waxing: The waxing process not only shows the beautiful natural texture of the wood, but also forms a protective film on the wood to prevent the wood from being corroded by the external environment. The disadvantage of the waxing process is that the gloss is not enough and the brown eyes of the wood are exposed. If the brown eyes of the wood used are relatively large, it will affect the beauty. Light body: Light body furniture is also called white stubble, especially the furniture that has been polished but not waxed and painted by the manufacturer. Related reading: Buy mahogany furniture waxed, lacquered or bare? Why is bare furniture popular? 1. In the industry, there are still cases of adulteration of mahogany furniture, because mahogany raw materials are expensive, and some businesses want to reduce it. The cost is to make greater profits by mixing the white skin into the core material, or mixing fake materials and substituting inferior materials. After the furniture is made, it is covered up by dyeing, lacquering, and waxing. Sometimes it is difficult for experts to distinguish the authenticity of this kind of furniture. As a result, consumers have lost trust in manufacturers, leading to the popularity of 'bare body' furniture. Because many fake and inferior furniture use colors, lacquer, wax, etc. to cover up material defects, and 'bare body' furniture makes it difficult to achieve these hands and feet, which also adds some insurance factor. 2 Without the protection of lacquer and wax, will these furniture corrode or be damaged or deformed? Some old furniture usually have patina. The formation of patina is mainly caused by people playing, wiping and frequently using it. The incidents and characters in it are the indispensable factors for the formation of patina. The lacquer adds a layer of membrane to the surface of the furniture, which cannot form a coating naturally. The bare furniture does not have the interference of lacquer and wax, but can come out of the patina earlier, and these patinas not only make the furniture look more beautiful, but also protect the furniture. 3. The bare furniture can be polished again. Polishing is the most important process in the process of making mahogany furniture. Polished well can make the surface of the furniture very dense and have a good hand feeling. After the patina comes out, it can completely resist the waxed furniture, and it is more natural and environmentally friendly.
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