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Why are bamboo furniture so popular?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-24
Since nanzhu is distributed in the southern regions from the Qinling Mountains and Hanshui River Basin to the Yangtze River Basin, most people make high-quality furniture because of its good heat absorption and moisture absorption. Nanzhu furniture is mainly made of Nanzhu splicing plates, and secondly, it is made of solid wood materials and various metal accessories, which are processed through special processes. Nan bamboo furniture adopts Nan bamboo as raw material, so the furniture is in a Chinese pastoral style. This product is mainly aimed at people who pay attention to health and environmental protection, people with a certain cultural taste and cultivation, and customers who recognize solid wood furniture, recognize bamboo culture, and are willing to try new things. The healthy, environmentally friendly, detachable structure of Nanzhu furniture is deeply loved by people. Let’s take a look at the specific advantages of Nanmu furniture! Advantages of Nan bamboo furniture: 1, Nan bamboo furniture is warm in winter and cool in summer, and feel comfortable. Due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, its moisture absorption and heat absorption performance is higher than that of wood. In the hot summer, sitting on it to cool and absorb sweat, while in winter, it has a warm feeling. It is the preferred furniture for north and south. 2. Extensive materials, natural and environmentally friendly. Since bamboo can be used as a material in 3-4 years, it has a short growth cycle and strong reproducibility, and it is a high-quality solid wood substitute material. The natural resin glue is used when the bamboo is spliced u200bu200band shaped, which avoids the harm of formaldehyde to the human body and is beneficial to human health. 3. No cracking, no deformation, preventing insects. Because the bamboo is processed by peeling the thick bamboo and cutting it into regular bamboo strips, it undergoes a special process of high-pressure gluing and crisscrossing to form a board. The whole process requires more than 30 processes, but the bamboo furniture after the treatment does not crack , No deformation, no glue. At the same time, bamboo can completely kill insect eggs under high temperature and high pressure environment, plus a top coat to effectively prevent insects. Extended reading: There are so many new Chinese-style modern solid wood furniture, why do everyone favor Nanmu family? 4. Nanmu furniture is carbonized, and the color is not easy to change. Using carbonization treatment, plus environmentally friendly topcoat, the color is the color after carbonization, the color structure is very stable, and there will be no more color changes. 5. It has ornamental value and adds cultural flavor. As a practical household item, bamboo furniture also has a high degree of appreciation. Its fine and uniform texture makes people not only comfortable returning to nature, but also feel the breath of Chinese traditional culture. 6. Long history and high quality. The use of bamboo has a history of thousands of years in China. From bamboo slips recorded by ancient people to bamboo chairs, bamboo beds, and bamboo baskets in daily life, especially in the past two decades of in-depth development and utilization, the use of bamboo has developed into a Kind of emerging industry. Due to its unique texture and hard texture, Nan bamboo is increasingly used in processing high-quality flooring, furniture and handicrafts.
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