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Whole house customization: worry-free one-stop home improvement service!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-11
Whole house customization is a furniture custom design service. Whole house customization is based on the mass production of furniture enterprises and the consumer's exclusive furniture manufactured according to the consumer's design requirements. Compared with single-product home improvement, the whole house has a richer customized product line, which can not only meet individual needs, but also provide a one-stop service of design, customization and decoration. And under the leadership of some leading companies, the development of whole-house customization will be more refined, and the exploration in product design and after-sales service will be more detailed and specific. The characteristic of whole house customization is independence: it means that each set of furniture in the room is made independently and customized individually. As a unit of the whole house customization, they reflect the unique charm of design according to personal taste in details. Unity: Refers to the theme of the entire room. A big style allows the room to be designed as you want. Upgrade: refers to the health and environmental protection, in the process of material selection and production, strictly implement environmental protection, and truly achieve green furniture. Personality: The core part of the whole house customization. As an upgraded version of the overall furniture, the whole house customization has higher requirements for personality. In the design process, consumers are in the main position and the designer is the leader, that is to say, The real designer is still the consumer himself, and the furniture designed is fully in line with the consumer's personal style and taste of life. The reason why whole house customization is becoming more and more popular. Private customization to meet different individual needs. In the traditional marketing model, furniture companies often follow the trend of furniture research and development based on simple market research. However, the furniture produced by this model does not meet the requirements at all, or the style does not meet personal preferences. The whole house customization divides the market into individuals. In the design process, the designer and the owner are in-depth communication. The owner can put forward some specific requirements according to personal preferences, such as color matching, personalized specifications, humanized storage, etc., so It can fully integrate the living habits of the owners and meet the individual needs of the owners. Therefore, customers choose whole-house customization not only to buy a home, but to choose a complete service system. Extended reading: Private customization is not difficult. Understanding that life is the focus of embodying the owner's taste and creating a unique home. Many traditional furniture is beautiful in the exhibition hall, but once moved to a specific home, it is eclipsed. Either the size does not match, or the style does not match. The surge in demand for tailor-made home furnishings has promoted the rise and growth of the custom home furnishing industry. On the basis of emphasizing individuality and functionality, the whole house customization adds more independent creativity and characteristics, which can fully reflect the owner's identity, status, life taste, and cultural cultivation. Strict selection of materials, health and environmental protection 'green, healthy, environmental protection' has become the theme of today's home life. Different from traditional furniture, most of the custom furniture has four-sided edge sealing treatment on the panels, which greatly reduces the amount of formaldehyde emission; and the materials used by the first-line custom furniture brands in the market are all trustworthy and healthy panels. Multi-effect use of space, full-featured The state of traditional store furniture is often-the variability between buying and using is almost zero. The whole house customization can design the corresponding activity space through movable, disassembled, increase and decrease, and combination functions. For example, the elderly are inconvenient to move and like to be quiet. In the design of the elderly room, the humanized design is focused on safety, door and window sound insulation effects, and light softness; children are lively and active, with active thinking, and the design is full of creativity and greatness. Safe children's room; the kitchen is easy to be dirty, designed with powerful hidden storage and classified storage space; the bedroom clothes are easy to be mixed, and the wardrobe combination with specific functions such as retractable hangers and multi-designed compartments is designed. Make efficient use of some 'chicken ribs' space to facilitate users to use and experience a convenient life. Reduce marketing costs and reduce unnecessary expenses. In the traditional marketing model, in order to occupy the market, furniture companies often drive sales through advertising, establishment of specialty stores, etc., so the cost is relatively high. As long as the quality of the furniture is reliable and the price is reasonable, the furniture can be sold smoothly. In the whole house customization, manufacturers directly face consumers and reduce sales links and various expenses. The above is the relevant knowledge of the whole house customization organized for you. I hope it will help you to better open the whole house customization and create a warm and comfortable home!
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