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Which redwoods are shortlisted for the 'Eight Husbands' ranking?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-01
There is a mahogany 'Five Tiger Generals' ranking, and correspondingly there is a mahogany ranking of 'Eight Husbands'. Next, let's take a look at the mahogany in 'Eight Husbands'! NO.1 Feihua (Hedgehog Pterocarpus) occupies half of the low-end mahogany market as the absolute main force! Hedgehog red sandalwood is a rosewood of the genus Pterocarpus, which is mainly produced in tropical western African countries, so it is also commonly called 'African rosewood' by many people in the market. 'African rosewood' is a more general term, literally speaking, refers to the rosewood produced in Africa. In the mahogany market, it was generally recognized that the African rosewood produced in Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Gambia, and Sierra Leone is authentic 'Hedgehog red sandalwoodThe African rosewood is not the Hedgehog Pterocarpus in the national standard of mahogany, but the 'Ang's Pterocarpus' which is very similar to the Hedgehog Pterocarpus. However, recently, the 'real body' of 'African rosewood (Asian rosewood)' produced in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Benin and other countries was corrected to 'Hedgehog Red Sandalwood' in academia, and was approved on May 9, 2016. It is officially listed as an internationally endangered species. As the absolute main force of popular mahogany furniture, the texture of hedgehog red sandalwood furniture is extremely strong, and it is absolutely value for money! NO.2 Burmese flower (big fruit red sandalwood, bird's foot red sandalwood, Vietnamese red sandalwood) Burmese rosewood, as a common name, refers to the big fruit red sandalwood to be precise. But currently in the market, the big fruit red sandalwood, bird's foot red sandalwood, and Vietnamese red sandalwood are all called Burmese flowers. These three kinds of 'Burmese flowers' have some differences in smell, density, and texture. The prices in the log market are slightly different, but the difference is not big. As the main force of mid-range mahogany, the price level and shipment volume of Burmese flower furniture can be considered as the weather vane of the hot and cold mahogany market. NO.3 Dalbergia (Bali Dalbergia) Dalbergia spp. belongs to the genus Dalbergia and red rosewood. It is mainly produced in Laos and Cambodia. It is commonly known as 'Dalbergia'. The difference between the sapwood and the heartwood is very obvious. The sapwood is grayish-white to grayish-brown, and the heartwood appears reddish-brown to chestnut-brown. The dark stripes are evenly and densely distributed, relatively continuous, and the edges are clear. The freshly sliced u200bu200bnoodles have a slightly sour aroma, but will not have a special taste for a long time. It is more common in the mahogany furniture market and has a certain market share. NO.4 White rosewood (Dalbergia australis) Dalbergia australis belongs to the genus Dalbergia and red rosewood, commonly known as white rosewood, mainly produced in Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. The growth ring is obvious or slightly obvious. The freshly cut surface of heartwood is lemon red, reddish brown to deep reddish brown, often with obvious black stripes; the alcohol extract of sawdust is reddish brown. At present, its market prospects are regarded as the next 'dark horse' by some 'big players' in the industry and are vigorously promoted! Extended reading: You must know the ranking of the 'Five Tigers' of the precious redwood! NO.5 Ebony (Ebony, Striped Ebony) Ebony is also one of the five traditional mahogany timbers, but the concept is more complicated. In the national standard of 'RedwoodStriped ebony and ebony belong to the Persimmon family and persimmon genus. Among them, ebony includes ebony, thick petaled ebony, Maoya ebony, and Ponsai ebony; striped ebony includes Sulawesi ebony and Philippine ebony. Generally speaking, the wood color of ebony is black, while the wood color of striped ebony is black or chestnut brown, with light-colored stripes in between. In addition, gloomy wood is also commonly called ebony, but it is not a concept at all with the national standard ebony, which is often confused by people. At present, the most representative one in the market is Sulawesi ebony, which has a harmonious texture, fine and uniform structure, and heavy and hard material, which is deeply favored by some mahogany lovers. NO.6 Indonesian black rosewood (Dalbergia spp 'The common name.' Dalbergia has an earlier history, but it was interrupted for a period of time. It was not used again by domestic mahogany manufacturers until 2006, which also attracted some market attention. It currently has a place in the mahogany furniture market. NO.7 Wenge (wenge wood) is the same traditional mahogany wood as red sandalwood, Hainan Huanghuali, and rosewood, but there are many common people in Wenge wood, far not as high as red sandalwood and Hainan Huanghuali, and it is also common in the mahogany market. Its made furniture. In the 'Redwood National Standards3. Iron sword wood. The wood color of African wenge is slightly yellow, so it is also called 'yellow chicken wingsThe density of black chicken wings is higher than that of 'yellow chicken wingsWith its unique wood grain, wenge wood is loved by some people, and some people even fight for its 'civilian' price. After reading the ranking of 'Eight Husbands(Original title: Mahogany Inspection Agency Analysis of the Ranking List of Valuable Mahogany Furniture (Timber))
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