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Which one should be hard and soft? The most cost-effective

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-09
The home decoration process is generally divided into basic decoration, hard decoration, and soft decoration process. Hard decoration generally refers to the removal of walls, painting, ceiling, laying pipelines, wires, etc. in traditional home decoration; soft decoration refers to soft decoration and soft decoration. Including furniture, lighting, curtains, carpets, paintings, flowers, ornaments, green plants, etc. The furniture is the most important part of the soft decoration, and the others mainly play the role of embellishment and decoration. What hard-installation needs to solve is a 'shell' problem, that is, a reliable and stylish structural space. Soft decoration solves the 'nuclear' problem. Soft decoration is closely related to the content of actual life. It forms several small environments and small worlds. Starting from the rational decoration concept, the overall home decoration should be from the inside out, the connotation determines the extension, and the final effect of the soft decoration determines the matching effect of the hard decoration. This is the so-called 'soft and light hard'. Otherwise, it is very likely that the hard-packed 'shell' limits the soft-packed 'core' and cannot achieve the most ideal decorative effect. The following is an analysis of the difference and pros and cons of first hard loading and first soft loading. 1. The decoration is first in accordance with the traditional Chinese concept and decoration habits. Of course, the decoration is first. The ceiling, wall, floor and other parts of the room are designed according to the predetermined style, and then the furniture and accessories are matched according to the style. Defect: The furniture is not fixed. There are two problems in the decoration first: one is that the size of the furniture does not match the indoor size, and I like it very much, but I can’t buy it because of the size; the other is that a certain piece of furniture that I fancy is inconsistent with the interior decoration style and can’t be purchased. As there are many furniture brands, if consumers do not have a pre-conceived concept when decorating, it is easy for consumers to make choices when buying, and some will change the decoration because they like a piece of furniture too much. This is not worth the loss. It is better to pay attention to the main furniture early. There are a few, which can better ensure the integrity and harmony of the home decoration style. Extended reading: Five tips for home improvement negotiations to eliminate loopholes in decoration contracts. Second, furniture first. According to statistics, the indoor area of u200bu200bfurniture can usually reach 30-45%. It can be seen that furniture is the most important part of the overall home decoration, the soul of space, and the most direct contact with people. The style and size of large pieces of furniture such as sofas, beds, dining tables, and bookcases will also determine the basic tone and spatial structure of the overall home decoration. When choosing soft furnishing products, you should first choose furniture, then lighting, fabrics, various accessories, decorative paintings, decorative blankets, etc., so as to ensure the overall coordination. Another advantage of pre-ordering the furniture is that the specific size and placement of the furniture can be determined. It can also be targeted when carrying out circuit transformation and setting up sockets, so as to avoid future rework and increase decoration costs. Some people may be worried that if you buy furniture first and then decorate it, there will be no place to put the furniture after it is bought, and it will be difficult to clean up the dust and stains left by the decoration later. In fact, firstly, we can arrange a delivery time with a furniture store; secondly, custom-made furniture generally requires a predetermined period, ranging from 15 days to one or two months, and the time for special sizes will be longer. In this way, when the decoration is completed, the owner may have to wait for the furniture customization when the furniture enters the home; third, if the furniture is purchased after the decoration is completed, it is usually tiring in the later selection, and it is easy to get tired of the furniture purchase and home furnishing. Feeling, will have regrets in the future. Defects: The decoration plan is passive. During the decoration process, the graphic design of the house may change, and the fixed furniture specifications may hinder the change of the design plan, so that the best plan is difficult to achieve. Solution: Maintain full communication with decoration companies and designers, consult opinions before buying furniture, communicate with the size and style of the furniture before changing the choice of furniture, and ask if it is feasible. In summary of the above two schemes, we can find that it is a more wise choice to order furniture and then decorate, which is also the direction of the overall trend of home decoration. Extended reading: Use the additional clauses of furniture purchase contracts to protect your own interests. The designer suggests that the style features of furniture can bring a very intuitive visual experience to the owners, so that they can know their favorite style design features. Therefore, before the decoration design, the owner can go to the major furniture stores to find the furniture they like. If the decoration company has been booked, the designer can also be taken to the favorite furniture store, so that the designer can be accurate Mastering your hobbies and style can also avoid differences in understanding caused by poor communication. Or consumers can conceive their own satisfactory home improvement in their minds before the decoration, and then they can find their favorite furniture on the market first, and communicate with the designer with the furniture-related picture information. The designer can also see the furniture More effectively control consumers' own needs, and design a living environment that is truly suitable for consumers based on factors such as furniture color and size, so as to ensure the harmony and unity of furniture and home decoration styles. If you just buy the furniture first without communicating the design in advance, it is possible that the design style will not satisfy consumers.
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