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Which mahogany can maintain health

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-27
If you are immersed in the collection and investment of mahogany furniture, you should wake up. Buying mahogany with mahogany has a health preservation effect that deserves more attention. Sit on rosewood can be healthy, sleep on red sandalwood can prevent mosquitoes, and use chicken wings to keep healthy. The Mahogany expert group of Jiaranzhijia said that the mahogany health care should not be rushed. In addition to choosing the right material, it also takes time to experience. Do you know that chicken wings can be used for health preservation? Utensils made of mahogany should not only be displayed or displayed. The coffee table, tea set and tableware made of mahogany can achieve unexpected health and health effects. Of course, not all mahogany is suitable for making utensils. Wenge wood is the best choice for tableware. According to experts, wenge wood will give off a natural aroma when stimulated by hot water, which has a refreshing effect, so 'wenge wood' tea sets are very popular. In addition, wenge itself is flexible, not afraid of water, and it is also the best material for making tea sets among mahogany. Sleeping red sandalwood can prevent mosquitoes. Some consumers say that sleeping on a bed made of red sandalwood will no longer be afraid of mosquito bites. This is because the red sandalwood is called 'the gold in the woodRedwood experts also agree with this statement, because the red sandalwood sawdust will emit 'wood oxygen' after repeated rubbing. This substance can not only calm the nerves and refresh the brain, but also promote cell regeneration and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Good for the skin. How can the red sandalwood bed be considered as finished? In the past, sophisticated craftsmen would use the file to polish the red sandalwood. The file itself has the effect of dissipating wind and heat. After the red sandalwood is polished by the file, the effective ingredients are more likely to ooze and diverge, which can achieve Regulates blood, nourishes and maintains beauty. Of course, the claim that red sandalwood can prevent mosquitoes in summer comes from the records of Mongolian medicine: In addition to its ability to eliminate joint swelling and pain, red sandalwood also has the characteristic of repelling insects and is most suitable for mosquito control in summer. Further reading: Hainan Huanghua Pear has the effect of curing diseases and reducing blood pressure. Sitting on rosewood can be healthy. Sitting on a chair made of rosewood can play a role in health care. There is a basis for this statement. The rosewood has good heat dissipation and air permeability, and is relatively strong, and its slightly scented fragrance can also be refreshing. It is most suitable for making tables and chairs. According to experts, when the rosewood is just cut down, the core material is pale red to red. After being left for a long time, it can sink in water and the color gradually changes to purple-red. When the gloss becomes dull, smooth and cool to the touch after smoothing. Of course, the beautiful texture, non-perishable properties and durability of rosewood can not fail to mention. Rosewood may not be as expensive as huanghuali and red sandalwood, but it is a rare raw material in the hearts of users. For many years, mahogany enthusiasts said: 'The rosewood furniture sits firmly and does not have a smooth feeling. It has a certain effect on the lumbar spine. It has a health care function and is not hard or cold. It is the best choice for mahogany seats.'
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