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Which kind of wood is better for solid wood furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-23
Solid wood furniture is favored by more and more consumers because of its closeness to nature, environmental protection and atmospheric advantages. Among the major furniture stores, solid wood furniture showrooms also have better business, and solid wood furniture brands have grown rapidly. However, because of various fraud incidents, the solid wood furniture was bought by consumers but was afraid of being fooled. In fact, the raw material wood on the current solid wood furniture market in my country mainly includes ash, oak, beech, catalpa, elm and other hard wood materials. But birch, rubber wood, pine, paulownia, etc. are more used for attachment. Commonly used wood for solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture can be roughly divided into two categories. One is pure solid wood furniture, that is, all furniture materials are solid wood, and the other is imitation solid wood furniture, which mainly refers to furniture made of solid wood and wood-based panels. . Of course, the real solid wood furniture is the first type, that is, the material is not reprocessed and does not use any wood-based furniture. 1. Birch: its annual rings are slightly obvious, the texture is straight and obvious, the material structure is delicate and soft and smooth, and the texture is soft or moderate. Birch is elastic, easy to crack and warp when dry, and it is not abrasion resistant. Birch is a mid-range wood, and both solid wood and veneer are common. 2. Beech: Also written as 'Alderwood' or 'Alderwood'. Produced in southern my country, although it is not a luxurious wood, it is widely used in the private sector. Although beech wood is sturdy and heavier, it has strong impact resistance, but it is easy to bend under steam and can be made into shapes. The texture is clear, the wood texture is even, the tone is soft and smooth. It belongs to middle and high grade furniture materials. 3. Walnut tree: its wood is shiny, the texture is straight or oblique, the structure is slightly thick, the drying speed is slow, but it is not easy to warp, the wood is good in toughness, easy to process, and the cutting surface is smooth. Good bending, painting and bonding performance, strong nailing force. 4. Fraxinus mandshurica: its tree is slightly harder, the texture is straight, the structure is rough, the pattern is beautiful, the corrosion resistance is good, the water resistance is good, it is easy to process but not easy to dry, the toughness is good, and the bonding, paint and coloring properties are good. The decorative performance of the wood is currently the most used wood for furniture and interior decoration. 5. Cunninghamia lanceolata: its material is light and soft, easy to dry, small shrinkage, no warping, good durability, easy processing, thicker cut surface, medium strength, easy to split, good bonding performance, used for furniture and decoration in southern provinces The most common mid-range wood. 6. Oak: The advantages of oak are its distinctive mountain-shaped wood grain, good touch texture, solid texture, firm structure and long service life. The disadvantage is that there are relatively few high-quality tree species, which leads to the common occurrence of rubber wood instead of oak in the market. In addition, the poor workmanship may also cause deformation or shrinkage cracking. 7. Yellow pineapple: its wood has good luster, straight texture, thick structure, obvious uniform annual ring, soft material, easy to dry, good processing performance, beautiful material color and pattern, good paint and bonding performance, not easy to split; Good corrosion resistance and other advantages, but because of its poor nailing force, furniture made of yellow pineapple material often has disadvantages such as weakness. 8. Elm: Hardwood, close to Fraxinus mandshurica, the maturity period is generally 40-60 years to hundreds of years. The rough texture is often used to make non-trivial solid wood furniture, reflecting its atmosphere and being with the sky. Spirit. 9. Maple: Maple is divided into two types, soft maple and hard maple. It is a temperate wood and is produced in the south of the Yangtze River Basin. The maple grain is staggered, the structure of the kidney is thin and uniform, the weight is light and hard, and the pattern is excellent. It is easy to process, the cut surface is not smooth, and it is easy to warp when dry. The paint has good coating performance and strong adhesion. Related reading: Does panel furniture have better quality than solid wood furniture? To judge the quality of solid wood furniture, consumers who choose solid wood furniture are more concerned about which wood is good, but wood is only one aspect of the quality of furniture. The value of solid wood furniture depends not only on the wood it uses, but also Comprehensive scores in terms of craftsmanship, workmanship, design, and accessories. Consumers can consider the following aspects when purchasing solid wood furniture: First, the manufacturer’s processing equipment and process capabilities: Generally, large manufacturers handle wood more well, while small workshops will have worse quality assurance. , Even if the wood used by the small factory is all real materials, due to equipment and technology problems, various problems may occur in the future. The second is the workmanship: it is not just that the outside is made very beautiful, the inner feel, the smoothness and neatness of the workmanship also reflect the quality of the furniture. The third is auxiliary materials: the quality of the adhesive (glue) and lacquer is also the key to environmental protection. The simpler and more environmentally friendly, the better. The fourth is hardware: the quality of hinges, slide rails, handles, etc., also greatly affect the quality of furniture. When buying solid wood furniture, you should also check whether the wood of the wooden planks and drawers is dry and white, whether the texture is tight and delicate, and whether there is an irritating smell; whether the surface of the wooden plank is finely processed, whether the panel is smooth, whether there are burrs, and whether there is paint brushing. Cracks or bubbles. The bad solid wood furniture wood is mostly chestnut skin red, and the color and style will look a bit old-fashioned.
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