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Which is better, sliding door wardrobe or sliding door wardrobe

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-10
According to the type of wardrobe, sliding door wardrobes (also known as sliding door wardrobes) and door wardrobes have become the protagonists in the market. With the beautiful design and convenient use of the sliding door wardrobe, it is loved by many families. So what are the advantages of sliding door wardrobes compared to sliding door wardrobes? Let's analyze it for you. 1. In terms of style and decoration: the door wardrobe has only a limited number of designs and colors, and the range of options is relatively narrow, and the length and height dimensions are difficult to fully match the room. When placed in the room, it appears abrupt and cannot achieve the overall harmonious decoration effect. The door core materials of the sliding door closet are diverse. Customers can freely combine a variety of matching changes according to their own preferences, which fully reflects the unity of personality, creativity and fashion, and can basically meet 90% of consumers to match the original decoration style and color. Need to fully meet the aesthetic requirements of various customers. Sliding-door wardrobe 2. In terms of production and customization cycle: most of the manufacturers of door-closing wardrobes are the market upsurge and decoration team. In consumers’ homes, they use simple tools such as hand planers, hand saws, and hammers to open and assemble materials on site, which takes a long time to make. The noise scraps not only pollute the on-site environment, consume the owner's energy and time, but also affect the neighbors, annoying people, and cause a lot of inconvenience. The sliding door wardrobe has a short production cycle, quick customization, and quick installation on site, which greatly shortens the time to disturb customers and their neighbors. 3. In terms of quality stability: the door closet is connected with the side panel of the cabinet body through the door hinge. When in use, the door hinge is used as the center to rotate in the air, that is, the 'cantilever beam' structure in physical mechanics. The door hinge screw on the board is easy to loosen, difficult to reset, and the door hinge is also easy to be twisted; on the side, it is easy to bend and deform under the pressure of the door board. The guide rails of the sliding door wardrobe are installed horizontally, coupled with the reinforcement of the metal door frame, and equipped with modern high-tech synthetic materials to make very wear-resistant pulleys. The structure is reasonable, the force is balanced, and it will not deform after long-term use. Extended reading: You need to know how to calculate the price of a customized wardrobe, and save money with careful planning ; Door cabinets generally do not make top cabinets and most of them are below 2, 2 meters in height, which makes it difficult to use the top space. When opening and closing the sliding door wardrobe, it will be horizontally stretched left and right without affecting the surrounding area. The length direction can be made into wall cabinets of any length, and the height direction can easily reach the ceiling, making full use of every centimeter of space. 5. After-sales service guarantee: due to the material and structural congenital defects of the door wardrobe, and the manufacturer’s financial strength, it is relatively lacking in this aspect. If it is built by a guerrilla decoration team, the responsible person is often not found after receiving the goods. Let alone enjoy the warranty service. Most of the sliding-door wardrobes are professional manufacturers. They use high-quality materials, supplemented by scientific and reasonable structural design, coupled with a strong brand awareness, and stable quality. They can provide 3 to 5 years of free maintenance and lifetime tracking services. Extended reading: Custom wardrobe must be expensive? Teach you money-saving tips 6. Green and environmental protection: Most of the cabinet doors and cabinets of the door closet are made of MDF, decorated with white latex (Poly paper or veneer), and then sprayed with paint, and even plywood is sprayed with paint on the surface. Long-term left at home, excessive formaldehyde in the board, toluene, xylene, heavy metal elements in the paint, etc., will cause various harm to the human body and seriously affect the health of the body. The material of the sliding door wardrobe cabinet is double-faced MDF, and the surface material is paint-free environmentally friendly impregnated paper, which is pressed into one body with the base material (medium fiber board) under high temperature and high pressure, plus the edge sealing of the board, the formaldehyde content exceeds Low, far better than the relevant national environmental protection standards, can be used with complete confidence. If the cabinet door material is made of glass, metal wire drawing, etc., it should be kept away from toxic substances such as formaldehyde and paint.
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