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Which is better for hand-made cabinets or custom cabinets?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-06
Cabinets are one of the indispensable furniture in kitchen furniture. In the process of home improvement, some people choose to go to the furniture store to order a complete set of cabinets, and many people choose to let the carpenter build a cabinet. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two? Take you a look. 1. The integrity of the cabinet. When you make a cabinet on site, you usually have to customize the countertops yourself. The requirements on the craftsmanship and specifications cannot be guaranteed to be completely consistent. If there is a problem, the countertop processor has the opportunity to speak, and will not give you a satisfactory solution to the problem; 2. Moisture resistance aspect. Most of the cabinets built on site are made of wood board or finger-joined boards, rarely veneer, and there is no edge sealing, and the kitchen is a place with high humidity, and the cabinet is closed to a certain extent, the humidity cannot be dissipated, so Over a long period of time, the cabinet will become damp, moldy, and even deformed. If you have relatives and friends who have hit the cabinet, you can find them to find out; 3. About edge banding. The cabinets built on site are all artificially sealed edges, the use of glue is low, the furniture is not strong enough, there are also problems in the craftsmanship and appearance, and the uneven drums are easy to fall off; 4. Quality assurance. Everyone knows that if there is a problem with the cabinets that are sold on the spot, it is necessary to find a master to fix it. Even if you find an acquaintance, if there is a problem later, it may be hindered by the emotions, and the final solution is not satisfied. The products customized by professional cabinet factories will be guaranteed for a certain period of time. The products of Mu De Muzuo Factory Store are life-long maintenance. Extended reading: Four major criteria for choosing custom wardrobe panels 5. The cabinets cannot be moved, which means that if they need to be moved in the future, there is no way to use the cabinets on site, and the cabinets of professional cabinet factories are made of single cabinets. , You can meet the requirements of mobile; 6, cleaning. Everyone can imagine that one side is a wood board and the other is a double veneer. Netizens who know these two types of boards should understand which is easier to scrub; 7. Maintenance issues. Because the overall cabinets customized by professional factories are single cabinets, they are independent and assembled. Once the overall cabinets have problems, the factory-customized cabinets are easy to repair, while the on-site built-in cabinets must all be replaced;
need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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