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Which household items need to be changed seasonally?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-28
The seasons are more obvious in summer and winter. The spring and autumn seasons are not obvious in some provinces in my country, and some provinces have shorter cycles and can pass through quickly. Therefore, we mainly talk about summer and winter. It’s unlikely to re-decorate the house over the next season, so here we mainly talk about soft furnishings (if the house is turned upside down, it will fall into the soft furnishing category). Soft furnishings are mainly furniture, lighting, fabrics, and decorations. Relatively speaking, the fabric art is more related. 1. Bedding According to the habits of each person and family, you can choose a mat or a light summer quilt in summer. It is obviously not suitable to cover winter quilts in summer. The main choice of bedding in winter is warmth, while in summer, it pays more attention to breathability. In terms of skin-friendly fabrics, summer bedding should also be considered more, because it is related to the skin. More contact area. 2. Curtains Generally speaking, it is possible to use thicker (such as flannel) curtains in winter, but they are too hot in summer. On the other hand, the light transmittance. In winter, we always like the warm sun to spill into the house. Curtains with higher light transmittance (such as 15% shading) are more sensible, while in summer, the light transmittance is too high. High not only makes people feel uncomfortable quickly increasing the indoor temperature, the hot summer sun can also easily damage the floor. 3. A large pile carpet in winter can effectively increase the indoor warmth index, even if it looks warm. Put away this kind of carpet in summer. If you like to spread something, you can choose mat surface mats or mats similar to yoga mats. 4. Sofa cushions are the same as carpets. The furry sofa cushions and cushions are good in winter, but they are too hot in summer. Now there are many ice cushions and cushions similar to silk fabrics on the market. They are more suitable for summer use, at least on I won't feel all hairy on my body. If conditions permit, you can customize a sofa cover separately for the summer. I personally feel that leather sofas and most sofa covers are uncomfortable in summer and sweat a lot in summer. The sofa cover is more convenient to clean than the sofa cover. Buy two Clean and clean every week. 5. Table flag table flag may not be used in general households. If it is used, it is recommended to collect it in summer. The probability of sprinkling watermelon and juice in summer is still relatively high. And these stains are not easy to clean, so remove it. If you want to shop, you can replace it with bamboo, similar to the long and narrow bamboo mats used for tea ceremony, so you don't need to wash it when you wipe it. It is estimated that the coffee table that is too long will need to be customized. Related reading: Isn't summer suitable for decoration? What season is the most cost-effective decoration? 6. Decorations All the furry decorations are best received in the glass cabinet in summer. In summer, the windows are more ventilated, and those furry decorations are definitely dust-absorbing artifacts. . 7. In summer, there are almost no clothes that need to be hung after entering the door. Compared with winter, there are some hats that need to be hung. Therefore, whether it is the hallway or the design of the coat rack, you can slightly change it, such as adding some hats in summer. In winter, you need to consider the load-bearing capacity for hanging large pieces of clothing, as well as the larger space required for long clothes and thick down jackets.
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