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Which cedar, cedar, or oak barrel is good?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-01
Many customers have this question when choosing wooden barrels: There are so many varieties of wooden barrels: fir, cedar, oak, etc., but what are the differences between various woods? Probably most people don't know much about it. Summarize the following points for you, if you want to buy a wooden barrel for yourself or your family to keep your feet in good health, you can use it as a reference. Cedar cypress, also known as cedar, has slow growth, hard texture, many knots, heavy quality, and strong corrosion resistance. Cedar has a natural scent that can be used as medicine, and cypress can soothe the mind and replenish the heart. According to 'Compendium of Materia Medicaeffect. Cedar barrels Because of its heavy weight, cedar barrels are difficult for many elderly people to move. Therefore, if older people want to use the cedar foot bath, they must consider whether they can move it. Cunninghamia lanceolata, fragrant fir, cork, is a fast-growing wood, with a maturity period of 4-6 years. Due to the rapid production, the natural wood fiber is loose and has a natural log fragrance, which has a variety of beneficial effects on the human body. The material is relatively resistant to corrosion. Since ancient times, the ancients used fragrant cedar to make bath barrels and foot barrels. The quality of Chinese fir is moderate, suitable for the elderly, and it is more convenient to transport and store. Fragrant fir barrels. Oak oak has a lumbering period of more than 50 years to hundreds of years, with obvious growth rings, slightly wavy, heavy and hard. It is distributed in my country from Jilin in the north, Liaoning to Hainan and Yunnan in the south, but the number is small This is also an important reason for the high price of oak furniture. It is widely used in decorating materials and making furniture because of its excellent material properties. The oak is heavy and hard with straight texture, coarse structure, elegant color and beautiful texture, high mechanical strength, and abrasion resistance. Oak barrels conclude that each wood has its own characteristics. The key is to choose the best one that suits you. Both oak and cedar have very good corrosion resistance, but both are heavier. Among them, due to the long growth cycle of oak and the beautiful texture of oak, oak barrels are more expensive than cedar wood. Cunninghamia lanceolata is lighter and relatively cheap, but not as strong as cedar and oak in corrosion resistance. Because of the natural tree nodes of cedar, the finished products have many nodes, which are not very beautiful at first glance. Extended reading: Which is better, wooden barrel or bathtub?
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