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Which bookcase do you like? Inventory of bookcase materials and styles

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-15
'The book has its own house of gold, and the book has its own Yan Ruyu'. For many people who love books or read books, a bookcase is essential at home. So, what materials and styles of bookcases are there on the market now? Today we will take everyone to take a look. Classified by material: wooden bookcases Wooden bookcases are relatively noble, especially suitable for study rooms with elegant layout and strong book fragrance. Wooden bookcases are a big family, and wooden materials are usually divided into Chinese fir integrated boards, pure solid wood, melamine boards, woodworking boards, and so on. 1. Fir integrated board: The cedar board is also called the finger joint board, which is spliced u200bu200bin small sections. It is not only affordable, but also comes with the fragrance of the cedar itself. If it is not polished and painted, it will be more environmentally friendly. However, the Chinese fir wood is soft and not strong enough, so it is easy to deform and crack. In addition, it is easy to grow insects and difficult to take care of. 2. Pure solid wood, imitation solid wood, solid wood veneer: Most of the base materials used in this kind of bookcase are natural wood, and the real wood pattern can generally be seen on the surface. The magnificent, noble, and original temperament can always cater to the minds of the friends who return to nature. The price is high and needs to be carefully taken care of. It is not suitable for dry and humid environments. 3. Melamine board: At present, the substrates used in panel furniture on the market are all this type of board. This kind of base material is divided into melamine particle board and melamine density board. Like cedar, the advantage is that it is affordable, but it does not deform, crack, or fade, and is easy to assemble and disassemble. The disadvantage is that in terms of environmental protection, the bookcases produced by unqualified wood-based panels are prone to excessive formaldehyde. 4. Woodworking board: Woodworking board is the blockboard on the market. It is a board made of natural peeling veneer and solid wood jigsaw after gluing and hot pressing. The inner core material is also poplar, birch, pine, paulownia, etc. The advantage is that it is also relatively cheap and easy to process. The disadvantage is that it is easy to deform, and some boards are hollow, which will affect the screw bite force. Glass bookcase The glass bookcase is not all glass. It is a bookcase made of glass, wood, hardware, metal stainless steel, etc., among which wood, hardware, stainless steel, etc. mainly constitute its frame, generally only bookcase doors, partitions, and baffles The material used is glass. Related reading: The best bookcase purchase method is classified by style: Open bookcases, such as bookcases without doors, are more convenient to take books. Because there is no restriction of the cabinet door, the design of the bookcase is more flexible, the space is active, and the price is relatively low. Closed bookcases, such as bookcases with doors, have a better dust-proof effect and can better protect books. This kind of bookcase is generally made of exquisite materials, noble and elegant, and the price is slightly higher. Those who cherish and love books can consider this one. Modular bookcase It is composed of several cabinets of different units. The bookcase can be disassembled and assembled. It can be placed against the wall or in the center. Because it is convenient enough, it is also very popular. The integral bookcase can add more functions to the bookcase system, allowing the bookcase to contain more functional blocks. For example, it can be combined with wardrobes, desks, TV cabinets, etc., with complete functions. Now more and more people choose integral bookcases for decoration. Precautions for buying a bookcase 1. Pay attention to the quality. Check the quality of the bookcase carefully. Check the type of wood indicated on the quality specification. The bookcase must choose durable wood, such as solid wood; at the same time, check whether the paint on the outside of the bookcase is smooth and even, close to The bookcase smells the paint for a pungent smell. If there is a pungent smell, it is best not to buy it; open and close the cabinet door to see if it is smooth. If there is a creaking sound, it is best not to buy it. 2. Choose the right shape. Regarding the shape of the bookcase, the common bookcases on the market have one-shaped, L-shaped and U-shaped. Families with a small study area are more suitable for buying one-shaped bookcases. Families with a moderate area can choose L-shaped bookcases. Larger families can choose U-shaped bookcases. 3. Pay attention to the depth, thickness and height. Some owners think that the bookcase should choose a bookcase with a large depth, so that more books can be placed in it, but this will cause difficulty in taking books. When taking the innermost book of the bookcase, you need to arrange the front row It is very troublesome to take out all the books, so the depth of the bookcase is up to 30cm; the thickness of the bookcase needs to be between 30-40cm, so as to ensure that the bookcase will not collapse after the books and objects are put in it; The height is about 2.1M. It is very troublesome to pick up the books when it is too high. The owner can choose the appropriate height of the bookcase according to his height. 4. Pay attention to the internal and external dimensions. Many bookcases on the market do not pay attention to the design according to the height and width of different books, which is a huge waste of space. For ordinary consumers, before choosing a bookcase, they must decide the style of the bookcase based on the books they already have and the books they will buy in the future. If the books are mostly 32-format, there is no need to choose a bookcase with a 16-format book in height and thickness, so as not to waste precious space. 5. Note that the firmness of books is heavier, which is different from the items stored in other furniture, so the firmness is very high, especially the middle horizontal plate must be strong, and the vertical support must also be strong, so that the whole can be strong and durable.
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