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Where is the toilet price gap? The owner of the bathroom said that because of these 8 reasons

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-30
As something to be used every day, the quality of the toilet is related to our use effect. But nowadays, the quality of toilets on the market is uneven, and the price gap is also very large, ranging from 500 yuan to 5,000 yuan. But do you know the difference between a 500 yuan and a 5000 yuan toilet? The dealer owner who has been in business for 30 years secretly revealed the real difference between them. It turns out that the difference in price and quality is really extraordinary. 1. The difference in raw materials determines the quality of a product's raw materials is very critical. If the raw materials used are not good, the quality of the product cannot be guaranteed even if the later process is done well. The materials used in good toilets are generally made of high-quality quartz stone mixed with high-age soil. It not only makes the product stronger, but also has the advantages of fire resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and the product has a longer service life. 2. Toilets with high price differences in craftsmanship tend to be larger in factories, and are generally equipped with advanced production equipment, so the quality of toilets made is better than that of ordinary production lines. And those products that cost a few hundred yuan often have poor production equipment, and even some of them need to be made manually, so the accuracy and quality of the toilet will have a big difference. Extended reading: In pursuit of pure nature, how to choose solid wood flooring and bamboo flooring? 3. Manufacturers with large machine differences often use large machine tonnage, so the material can be ground more finely, and the density and hardness of the product will be higher. Generally, small manufacturers have relatively small tonnage and relatively rough grinding materials, so their hardness and density are relatively low, and their wear resistance and stain resistance are relatively poor. 4. Functional difference. We all know that the price of a toilet is directly proportional to its function. The more functions it has, the more expensive it is of course. Inferior toilets not only have fewer functions but also have weaker flushing capabilities, and the sound of flushing will affect the rest of the family. 5. Design differences. High-quality toilets not only have beautiful appearance and beautiful lines, but also have a more reasonable internal design. 360° surround flushing, strong impulse will not produce residue. And the nozzle has been thickened and discharged faster. 6, the difference in burning quality In addition to the craftsmanship and raw materials, the quality of the toilet is determined by its burning. The products currently on the market are divided into two types: manual firing and numerical control firing. Because of the large temperature difference of manual firing, the quality of different batches of products is different. The computer-controlled firing temperature is relatively constant, so the hardness of the fired product is of high quality and will not cause the problem of not firing through. 7. Products with good glaze differences are not only waterproof but also easy to take care of. The safety factor is higher and there is no radiation, and it is more environmentally friendly as a household item. 8. Inspection gap No matter whether we buy the main material or the furniture, we must pass the manufacturer's inspection before leaving the factory. Good manufacturers tend to have a lot of self-inspection, and can strictly control the quality of each product, and it is more secure for later use. (Original title: 'What is the difference between a 500 yuan and a 5000 yuan toilet? The owner of the bathroom: the difference is not so big')
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