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Where is the price gap of solid wood?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-20
The solid wood furniture sold in shopping malls is also solid wood, why the price difference is very large. For example, a dining table can cost 1,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan, and the product descriptions all indicate pure solid wood; even if it is the same wood species, the difference in furniture is very big. What caused this? How to distinguish when buying? Now there are more and more owners who choose solid wood furniture on the market, and the types of solid wood furniture are also dazzling. Most consumers believe that the more expensive the solid wood furniture, the better, but they don't know the reason for the price. The reporter will take you to find out where solid wood furniture is expensive, so that you don’t spend wrong money when you consume it-A  design costs lead to a huge price gap In a well-known brand furniture store that specializes in American style furniture, the reporter saw The actual price of a 1.5-meter round dining table is 66499 yuan, while the same 1.8-meter-diameter dining table costs 90,000 yuan. The price of this dining table far exceeds the affordability of ordinary consumers. According to the merchant, the design and appearance of this dining table are more important. The table material is mahogany frame and veneer; the edge of the dining table is wrapped with a circle of copper floral ornaments with classical architectural texture; the round table panel creates an exquisite veneer mosaic pattern; light-colored The veneer presents a pattern of French lily. The production process is very complicated and the design is exquisite, so the price is relatively expensive. Xu Lu, a designer of a decoration company, said, “Many of the expensive furniture is basically designed by masters, so the price positioning is relatively high. The most obvious difference between master design and ordinary design is the difference in design fees. In some In the work of top designers, the cost of designing a dining chair is sometimes more than one million yuan. If it is to be produced and sold, the manufacturer will allocate these costs to each piece of furniture, so the price of a single piece of furniture is higher than that of similar furniture. Much higher.” And in the transportation process, the conditions required for such 'precious' furniture are also very particular. The merchant said: 'We use a multi-layer corrugated paper design for every shipment. The moisture content of the cardboard needs to be moderate, the stiffness and folding resistance must be reliable, and the internal vibration and external puncture resistance. In addition, wrapping film and blistering New plastic cushioning materials such as film and pearl film have light texture, good transparency, good shock absorption, and effective impact resistance.” On the contrary, some small manufacturers of furniture directly ask workers to follow Imitation of other people's designs on the Internet saves high design fees, reduces costs, and the price of furniture can't rise. B   There are 'roads' in taking wood, and the cost is different. There are many types of solid wood furniture in the Taiyuan market, and the prices of different wood varieties are also very different. There is basically a rule to follow: the length of the growth cycle determines the quality of wood. For example, pine and cedar wood have a short growth cycle, and can be used as wood after 5 years of growth, so they are more common and relatively affordable. The black walnut has a long growth cycle, and it takes more than 100 years to grow to be used as a timber. The wood is rare, so the price is very expensive. At present, most of the materials used in domestic solid wood furniture are imported, and the quality of imported wood is better than that of domestic wood. But the same imported black walnut, the wood produced in North America is more expensive than the wood produced in Africa. Because North America's forest management system is the world's leading, basically all have passed the FSC certification, the material is more stable, and it belongs to sustainable environmentally friendly green wood. The price of the same type of wood imported from the same place of origin will vary greatly due to the import method. According to industry insiders, for example, some manufacturers import finished wood. The wood is divided, graded, and dried completely at the place of production, and then the finished wood is shipped to the country. The cost of this kind of wood is very high. Imported finished timber is more expensive than log tariffs, and it also adds a certain cost. The other way is that the imported wood is directly harvested at the place of production, and the log trunks are consigned back to the country, and domestic processors are cut, dried, and sold. Since the domestic cutting and drying costs are lower and there is no uniform grading standard, the price will be relatively low. Most of the solid wood furniture, whether it is expensive North American black walnut or cheap pine, has little difference in use. If consumers have a small budget, they only need cost-effective solid wood furniture. Wood species and timber. C. The finer the craftsmanship, the more expensive the price. Mr. Liu, an agent of a well-known brand of solid wood furniture in Taiyuan, told reporters, 'In addition to the choice of high-quality wood, the most important aspect of solid wood furniture is the use of various forms of tenon and tenon structure. Tenon and tenon structure. The mortise structure can effectively avoid the loosening of the structure caused by the different expansion and shrinkage coefficients of metal and wood, and can extend the service life of the furniture. Good tenon and tenon structure and process design can reduce the probability of wood cracking, and the better the process, the more durable and the price is also The more expensive.' In a home store, the reporter saw that all kinds of solid wood furniture with tenon and tenon structure have their own advantages. For example, a Chinese-style square table. When making any square table, in order to increase the firmness of the four legs, workers need to add a horizontal bar on the upper end of the table leg, but sometimes it is necessary to make a beautifully shaped table. Taking into account the firmness of the table, 'Bawangxi' is adopted, that is, a wood support is added to the back of the tabletop, and a suitable point on the supporting wood is connected to the table leg to increase the firmness.
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