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Where can I find genuine British furniture? look here!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-27
British furniture, as the most classic branch of European classical furniture, has won the pursuit and love of many men, women and children with its natural, elegant, gentleman temperament and classic retro style. With the popularity of British style, British furniture has also become popular. In the furniture market, British furniture is even more dazzling and diverse. So, how do you find pure British furniture among these various kinds of British furniture? Perhaps, the famous British masters produced by Huari Home Furnishing can tell you. In 2016, Huari Home Furnishing and British 'Wood Brothers' cooperated with British masters. As a representative of pure British furniture, it condensed the history of the British Tudor Dynasty and 500 years of oak making tradition, and presented the original vintage gentleman. British furniture. 500 years of oak making tradition, the artistic flavor of the Tudor era British furniture is different from European classical furniture in other countries, and its unique and simple style is in its own line. Presumably, many people prefer British furniture, not only because of the simplicity and uniqueness of British furniture, but also because of the artistic temperament that British furniture exudes. The famous British masters produced by Huari Home Furnishing, as the representative of pure British furniture. Its design is inspired by the elements of social life in the heyday of the British Tudor dynasty in the 16th century. This period was the 'golden age' of Britain. As the kings of the Tudor era overthrew the feudal monarchy in ancient times, the new social class of merchants and traders became rich and powerful, and people paid more and more attention to the image of themselves and their homes. Extended reading: Huari Home Furnishing has focused on solid wood for 45 years, composing industry stories. Material affluence will inevitably give birth to spiritual needs. The nobles of the Tudor dynasty also embarked on a journey of pursuing art. In terms of furniture design, it is expressed in gorgeous carvings, carts, inlays, paintings and other decorative craftsmanship, which embodies the spirit of the British Renaissance everywhere. The British furniture produced by Huari Home Furnishings is deeply influenced by European and Renaissance concepts. It draws on the 500-year tradition of making high-quality oak since the Tudor Dynasty, and presents a unique product series for consumers. After years of precipitation and baptism, the British furniture of 'British Masters' carries a heavy sense of history, from ancient times to the present, exuding the literary atmosphere of the Tudor era. Retro carving patterns convey a beautiful British style. In classic British furniture, carved wooden intarsia patterns are often used. British furniture has always been elegant, beautiful and harmonious. At the same time, I like to use decorative strips and carved oak, which gives people a sense of elegance and stability. And this classic and elegant charm is also vividly displayed in the British furniture of the famous British designers of Huari Home Furnishing. The unique Gothic arch carvings, the 'cactus flower' that means everything goes well, and the classic 'Tudor rose'...Each vintage engraved totem conveys the British classic atmosphere. In addition, the handmade sofas of famous British masters are very famous. In addition to the comfort that fits the curve of the human body, it has beautiful colors and graceful lines. At the same time, it pays attention to the color matching and symmetrical beauty of the face cloth. The strong floral patterns or stripes vividly show the British flavor. The British furniture you like, the British furniture you look forward to, the British furniture you want······Love what you love, pure British furniture, all in the famous British home of Huari. (Net Chen Min)
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