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What types of headboards are there? How to match the headboard?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-11
Although you can't see the headboard when you sleep, the first step into the bedroom is the headboard of the bed. It can feel warm and warm, allowing you to relax quickly, and at the same time, from the psychological point of view In other words, the headboard also gives people a sense of security, so that the back feels dependent on the back, which helps to soothe the mind and relax the mood. The headboard is not a simple piece of wood. Putting a little thought on the headboard will also add a touch of bright color to the bedroom and give the Lai bed people a sense of warmth. Below, we will introduce 8 classic headboards and matching designs for you. Case 1: Simple solid wood headboard Don't want complicated settings, believe in the simplest and eternal classic you, you will love this headboard. The material of solid wood conveys a rustic and natural atmosphere. The design concept of taking nature as the foundation and eliminating the complexity and keeping simplicity gives people a kind of intimacy. Single product matching scene: The overall matching scene presented is quite IKEA style, simple and natural temperament, very IKEA headboard color, blue and white striped bedding, active space atmosphere, such furniture selection should consider the size of the space, lighting, The color of the wall...to avoid the depressive feeling of space in the end. case 2: Jane European soft cloth headboard fabric headboard soft bag, plain and light appearance gives people a calm and solid feeling. The workmanship is natural and exquisite, and the small silver buttons on the sides give this headboard a European-style atmosphere in addition to simplicity, and the comfortable and natural simple European style headboard can be presented. Single product matching scene: The thick and warm soft cloth headboard gives the leather art bed an extra texture, and the light color is easy to integrate with the indoor style. The design of bedroom furniture is also simple, the wooden texture is matched with smooth and clean lines, and the soft decorations of cotton and linen cloth are selected, and the gentle town is worthy of the name. Case 3: The solid wood material of the low headboard is solid and stable, with fresh and natural wood texture, clear lines, and elegant colors to make the space fresh and natural. The hollow design will not make the thick wooden headboard look too dull, and a little change will often bring a different look. Single product matching scene: The color matching of the solid wood headboard and the solid wood bed frame is coordinated. This headboard is set low and it is easy to produce a sense of intimacy. The warm and natural tones are matched with white comfortable bedding, and the bright and warm winter nest is perfectly presented. Related reading: How to choose a bedside table that suits you? Case 4: Solid wood hollow design headboard is a new Chinese headboard. The white hollowed-out headboard designed like a screen is very colorful. The white appearance is suitable for the home space of the new Chinese style. If you don't want the new Chinese style, Jane Ou is naturally at your fingertips. Single product matching scene: This headboard is relatively tall, and the exquisite hollow texture makes people produce a delicate and beautiful visual sense. White can be well integrated with the interior style, not too obtrusive, and it is easy to match a warm and bright small bedroom, full of comfort and comfort that makes people uncontrollable. Single product matching scene: black may bring a different kind of beauty, white will produce a bright and beautiful sense of space, and black will make people feel extremely calm, which is very suitable for bedroom space. A bit of cotton and linen material neutralizes the dull feeling brought by black, and you should take these into consideration when matching soft outfits. Case 5: Natural linen soft-covered headboard The rough linen-woven soft-covered headboard is very dense. The most natural color and the most natural touch have reshaped the beauty of life. The graceful arc and the seemingly rough linen material highlight the sense of refinement. Single product matching scene: As long as the soft fittings in the later stage are well decorated, the headboard of this linen cloth can also match a gentle and feminine bedroom space. The beautifully curved headboard is matched with red fabric accessories, adding a soft and beautiful sense of space. Case 6: The comfortable feel of the fluffy velvet soft-covered headboard gives people a more comfortable and warm feeling for the bedding. The retro swirl design enriches the original monotonous headboard and also shows a velvet texture. Single product matching scene: tall and thick velvet headboard soft bag, with dark brown solid wood low bed, different materials put together to show the unique charm of the space, my home is different~ this bedroom is very bright, even if it is Block part of the window with the headboard, so you don’t have to worry about being too dull in the room. Instead, it’s just the right light for the bedroom. Case 7: The retro shape of the pits of the leather upholstery headboard makes the surface of the upholstery look richer and more natural in texture and color, full of gorgeous artistic effects. The delicate leather is matched with the soft shape, which further demonstrates the exquisite effect. Single product matching scene: The soft leather headboard gives people a smooth and comfortable, noble and atmospheric feeling. The low beige headboard will not make the small bedroom look too obtrusive, too dull, and too depressing, on the contrary, it can create a fresh space atmosphere. Case 8: High square solid wood soft-covered headboard The overall line is simple, minus unnecessary decorations, leaving only the most basic frame, showing a simple and simple spirit. In terms of material, wood grain, annual rings, and even rough tree scars are not covered at all. This is the most fascinating place. Single product matching scene: The headboard is high, and the thick solid wood is more lining. It is very suitable for closing your eyes and smelling the fragrance of the logs. The natural texture of the wood is the best decoration for a warm space.
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