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What types of elm furniture are there?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-23
'Southern beech and northern elmThere are many types of elm, and each material has its own advantages. The elm in Shanxi, Beijing and other regions can only be divided into elm and mountain elm, but the quality of mountain elm is mostly not good. Elm wood is dense, hard, heavy and soft. As long as it is dried properly, it is a good material for furniture making. There are several types of elm in the northeastern region. Generally, the wood is medium-hard, with coarse and broad-grained beauty, and is easy to process. Elm furniture 1. Elm. The reference value of wet wood bulk density of the felled trees from Shanxi is about 810 kg/m3. Deciduous tree with small flowers, the samara is called elm, the skin is finely ground and the sieve surface is mixed with water to form a fragrance. It has good viscosity, and it is wet and mashed into a paste. It can be used as a slurry for bonding tiles. The wood can be used for construction. And utensils. In Beijing and Shanxi, there are many elm cabinets, large shop cabinets, elm tables, official hat chairs, tables, square stools, and benches during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. After the Ming and Qing Dynasties, because the wood is hard, the craftsmen are laborious, and the northeast wood is widely used, the furniture made of this kind of wood appears to be less. For elm wood, the carpenter left as soon as they saw it, indicating that in terms of craftsmanship, generally for the processing of elm wood, it is too laborious and laborious to produce less wood. 2. Chunyu. Deciduous tree, from northeast, gray skin, oval leaves, light yellow flowers, medium hard wood. The reference value of wet wood bulk density is about 702 kg/m3. The felled trees look like green elm. Used to make furniture, house decoration, plywood, vehicle and ship equipment, industrial materials. 3. Slippery elm. Also known as the golden elm, it is a rare tree species, often used for greening, the bark is reddish brown, also called ochre. The leaves are the same as elm leaves, thick and bright, and small trees can also be cultivated as bonsai. The color difference between the red elm heartwood, middlewood and sapwood is not obvious. The woody yellowish white is slightly reddish. The texture of the material is staggered, the quality is tough, and it is easy to deform when the fire is dry. Generally used in the production of tools and utensils. 4. Yellow elm. Deciduous trees, Shanxi, Northeast and other real estate, the reference value of wet wood bulk density is about 660 kg/cubic, the wood has less variability than the green elm, the texture is fine and uniform, and the wood color is yellowish brown. The felled trees are suitable for furniture decoration materials, plywood, vehicle and ship equipment, and industrial materials. Extended reading: Knowledge of Elm Furniture Collection 5. Green Elm. Deciduous tree, produced in Northeast China, the reference value of wet wood bulk density is about 696 kg/m3, compact wood, hard heartwood, beautiful pattern, smooth and beautiful middle timber, hard and soft sapwood. The felled trees are suitable for making furniture, decoration, plywood, vehicle and ship equipment, carving or industrial materials. 6. White elm. Also known as elm. Gu Sunyan: 'The name of the elm whiteSelected works from Jin Zuo Taichong and Wei Du Fu: 'Liu recombined, and Le Sui applied.' Baiyu is produced in Anhui, and the reference value of wet wood bulk density is about 767 kg/m3. Shanxi, Hebei, Northeast, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places have it. The bark is gray-brown, the crack is shallow, the endothelium is flexible, the sapwood is narrow, the middlewood is dark purple-gray, the heartwood is yellow, the texture is beautiful and straight, the structure is thick, and it is easy to crack. Wood is suitable for furniture, vehicles, farm tools, packaging and other materials. 7, Big leaf elm. Produced in Northeast China, the wood is similar to white elm, but better than white elm. The reference value of wet wood bulk density is about 670 kg/m3. Used for making furniture, decoration, plywood, vehicle and ship equipment. 8. Langyu. Produced in Zhejiang, deciduous trees, tall trees. The elm pods are born in August, and the spines are split. The reference value of wet wood bulk density of the felled elm is about 899 kg/m3. It can be used to make appliances, but pay attention to the process of easy cracking of wood. 9. Red chicken fat. The wood is the same as the elm. Extended reading: Precautions for the purchase of old elm furniture 10. Shanyu. The wood is inferior to the following elm, and its utilization value is not high. 11. Qian Yu. Produced in Anhui, the reference value of wet wood bulk density is about 766 kg/m3. After felling, Qian elm resembles an elm tree grown in Shanxi. 12. Northeast elm. Produced in Northeast China, the bark is gray-brown, the furrow is shallowly cracked, the inner bark is light yellow-red, and the reference value of wet wood bulk density is about 681 kg/cubic. After felling, the wooden sapwood is dark yellow, the middle wood is grayish yellowish brown, and the heartwood is hard and bright. The wood texture is rough and straight, the pattern is beautiful, the wood is heavy, the sawing board surface is hairy, and it is bright after planing. After painting, it is similar to ash, but not as hard and soft as the texture of ash. Wood is used in construction, vehicles, plywood, furniture and utensils. 13. Ulmus split leaf. The material is basically the same as above, with great variability.
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