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What tools do foreigners use to make furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-23
The woodworking tools used by foreigners to make furniture by hand are very sophisticated, and there are many details that are not visible on the surface, many of which I have personally experienced. For example: 1. Trimming machines are high-speed motors, and most of the foreign ones are soft-starts, that is, the speed is very low at the beginning, and gradually increases to prevent excessive centrifugal force from causing large jitters, and accidental contact with wooden pieces will cause danger. 2. The band saw blade basically has a brake device, that is, there will be a rebound brake after releasing the switch, so that the saw blade will stop quickly, instead of waiting for him to turn for a long time and then defend the line. 3. Electric drills and electric screwdrivers basically have brake devices. Most electric screwdrivers are equipped with torque adjustment, and many domestic ones are also equipped, but they are more effective and damaged quickly after overloading. 4. For some of the more dangerous equipment, the switch will stop when it hits the ground. If you accidentally throw away the chainsaw, he will not run around the house by himself. 5. Desktop equipment basically has protective devices. Such as feather board, protective cover and so on. Related reading: Please remember these colors for the most comprehensive and worthwhile wood knowledge articles, Dewei (yellow); Bupai (gray); Black u0026 Decker (red); Triangle (gray blue). These brands are among the most outstanding brands in the woodworking industry.
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