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What should I pay attention to when collecting old furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-03
In recent years, with the continuous prosperity of the collection market in our city, some niche collections like old furniture have gradually been sought after by collectors. Recently, the reporter learned during a visit to the collection market that some collectors in our city purchase old furniture for the purpose of adding value. However, in the process of collecting, many collectors have doubts: Can collecting old furniture really bring the expected benefits for themselves? “Any investment collection has certain risks. Blind collection is not desirable.” Mr. Liu from the City Collectors Association said that although the city’s old furniture collection market has developed to a certain extent in recent years, some collectors are not enough in investment and collection. Reason, so many detours. Mr. Liu believes that, like other collections, collectors should first clarify the cultural connotation, market trends and hidden traps of old furniture before collecting old furniture. Based on his many years of collecting experience, Mr. Liu believes that collectors should have a correct understanding of the following three aspects when collecting old furniture. First of all, rare raw materials and exquisite processing techniques are more important than old furniture itself. In the collection market, there are countless old furniture of various materials and workmanship, making it difficult for many collectors to choose. So, which old furniture has investment and collection value? Some collectors in our city are often limited to the scarcity of old furniture, thinking that as long as it is old furniture, it has investment and collection value. However, Mr. Liu believes that when collecting old furniture, it is necessary to consider the exquisiteness of craftsmanship, the scarcity of raw materials, and the beauty of shape. 'Only old furniture that is processed with precious wood, has a unique shape and is durable, has collection value.' Mr. Liu said. Related reading: Furniture Culture: The Jargon of the Old Furniture Industry Secondly, the aesthetic value and practical value of the old furniture itself is the core of the collection. Good old furniture will not only maintain value and increase value, but it is also processed by sophisticated craftsmanship, reflecting the beauty of traditional Chinese furniture and the traditional Chinese aesthetic appeal, spiritual pursuit, and even the philosophy of cultivation and life. Mr. Liu believes that if collectors only collect old furniture for the sake of making money, one-sidedly pursue the investment value of old furniture, and forget the cultural connotation of old furniture itself, then this kind of collection can only be left to the last. Third, professional appreciation knowledge, accurate market insight and strong capital are important conditions for collecting old furniture. According to Mr. Liu, the collection of old furniture is not suitable for everyone, nor can it be collected with money. Collectors need to have both professional appreciation of old furniture and accurate insight into the old furniture market as well as deep cultural literacy. Wait. 'The old furniture market has a long cycle. Collectors must have a long-term vision when investing in old furniture, and insist on holding them for a long time to make their old furniture more valuable.' Mr. Liu said.
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