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What's the difference between continuously hot custom furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-05
In the general downturn of the furniture market, customized furniture is constantly developing. More and more customized furniture has begun to enter people’s home life. Customized furniture meets the individual needs of the new generation and also injects new development into furniture companies. direction. So, what are the characteristics and advantages of customized furniture and finished furniture in home furnishing stores? First, the style of customized furniture is more coordinated and diversified. The characteristic of customized furniture is to create different styles of furniture to change our lives. Modern minimalist style is one of our favorite styles, but modern minimalist style is not a single style. Modern simplicity can also have many extensions. These are the characteristics of custom furniture and are not limited by one style. When buying a finished wardrobe, I always choose something I like, but when I buy it, I often find that the style of the wardrobe is inconsistent with other furniture styles and the decoration is inconsistent. 2. The on-site production of wardrobes with traditional production technology is a carpenter's field measurement. The large core boards are cut on the spot according to the size, connected with nails, and assembled into a wardrobe. After the wardrobe is assembled and formed, the corresponding measures shall be taken according to the user's request. The process of manual processing of the surface and edge of the large core board. The board used in professional customized wardrobes is mostly particleboard. The boards are produced by standardized assembly lines and fully automatic machine edge sealing. The size is more accurate, and the closeness and fineness of the wardrobe are guaranteed. The edges of the boards are also relatively uniform without roughness. 3. Customized furniture can make more effective use of space. It can be designed arbitrarily according to the needs of the subscriber, or there are more drawers, or more partitions, and you can also add any size pull basket in advance. These advantages make it more integrated and random. high. The thickness of the frame of the custom furniture ranges from 8 mm to 10 mm. The increase in the thickness of the card slot ensures that its doors can have a variety of styles, which can be glass, aluminum alloy, patterned glass, With mirrors, all kinds of styles, choose at will. Related reading: Detailed explanation of the production process of custom furniture. Fourth, custom furniture helps consumers solve problems. Room type problems. For multi-beam, multi-pillar, irregular and other problem rooms, the finished furniture can only be placed in place and cannot cover the room type problems. Customized furniture is tailor-made according to the room type, taking full consideration of external aesthetics and space utilization. In the picture of the wardrobe 'wrapped beams5. Customized furniture greatly reduces the backlog of inventory. Customized furniture is not only favored by consumers, but also targeted by merchants. Customized furniture is basically sold as much as it is, and finished furniture is sold after mass production, so the inventory backlog in the customized furniture market is small, while the finished furniture market is more. The inventory backlog caused the goods to be unable to be circulated, and the result was either eliminated because the goods could not keep up with the trend of the market, or they were sold at low prices. However, although customized furniture is gaining popularity, it is also a fact that the market is still not standardized. Consumers need to pay more attention to the selection process.
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