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What on earth is Burmese cinnamon?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-25
Recently, 'Myanmar Golden Silk Phoebe' has been more active in the market, and timber merchants, furniture merchants and even consumers have paid close attention to it. Because of the three words 'golden nanFor Burma's Zhen Nan. Is the 'Myanmar Golden Phoebe' really the Burmese Zhennan? If yes, is its material the same as my domestically produced Zhen Nan? If not, what is it? After investigation, the author found that 'Myanmar Golden Silk Phoebe' is really not Burmese Zhennan. Burmese nanmu slabs According to Professor Qiu of Southwest Forestry University, many people have recently sent 'Burmese nanmu' to help him identify the type of wood. After careful research, he found that some of them were sent. 'Myanmar Golden Si Nan' turned out to be the 'Gold Si Nan' that was once more popular on the market before, but now it has changed its name to 'Myanmar Golden Si Nan'. Professor Qiu Jian told the author that this kind of wood is actually the manglietia wood of the Magnoliaceae family, mainly refers to the black-core manglietia, evergreen trees, up to 25 meters high, and is mainly produced in the evergreen 800-1000 meters above sea level in northwestern Myanmar. In the broad-leaved forest, there have been many names in the market, such as Rudbeckia, Manglietia rudbeckia, Phoebe Rudbeckia, Golden Pomelo, Burmese Golden Phoebe and so on. How does this wood material compare with my country's Zhen Nan? Professor Qiu said that this type of 'Myanmar Golden Silk Phoebe' does have more gold threads and similar colors, but it is lighter and softer. It is easy to pinch a hole with a nail, so the material is better than that of our country. Nan is much worse. It is understood that the 'Myanmar Golden Silk Phoebe' is often used to make wooden floors, and after a period of use, due to the soft material, some dent marks are prone to appear on the wooden floor. According to reports, there is also a kind of 'Burmese Golden Phoebe' that is actually black gridwood, which is also not my country's nanmu, let alone zhennan. Heigemu is a tree species of the legume Mimosa subfamily Albizia genus Albizia. It is mainly produced in India, Burma, Thailand and my country’s Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places. It was once called black in the market. Phoebe nan, fragrant wood, fragrant albizia and so on. The heartwood of this wood is light yellow, dark brown or chocolate, often mixed with dark red streaks, and some textures and colors are similar to fragrant sticks, and there will be 'ghost faces' at the slipknot. Compared with the black-cored manglietia, the density of Heigu is higher, with an air-dry density of 0.698~0.829 g/cm3. The wood is not easy to crack and deform, and is suitable for furniture. However, compared with our country's Zhen Nan, its fragrance is insufficient and its gloss is insufficient. It is understood that in addition to black-cored manglietia and black wood, there are also some other tree species called 'Burmese giltwood' on the market. Although their color, texture, luster, density, strength, etc. are somewhat similar to those of my country's zhennan Similar, but not the same tree species after all. There are more or less differences in materials. It is best for consumers to pay more attention when buying. Experts say that Golden Phoebe is an irregular name, which mainly refers to the Chinese Phoebe tree species, and the Phoebe tree species is exclusively produced in my country. To judge whether it is a Phoebe phoebe, it must be judged from the color, luster, texture, gold wire, density, and strength. Comprehensive judgment from multiple aspects such as scent and aroma.
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