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What material is good for cabinet countertops

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-18
The key to the quality of the cabinet is the countertop. The endless materials on the market are really dazzling. Whether natural materials or man-made materials, environmentally friendly and healthier materials are the most important. 1. Natural stone Natural stone includes granite, marble and other materials. The texture of natural stone is very beautiful, the texture is hard, the scratch resistance, wear resistance is good, and it can be cut into any shape. However, the weight of natural stone is very large, and the requirements for cabinets are relatively high. Advantages: beautiful pattern, wear resistance, high hardness. Disadvantages: Shattering may occur in case of heavy blow or local high temperature. It must be mentioned that some granites are radioactive. 2. The stainless steel countertop is bright and clean, with excellent performance, high temperature resistance and easy cleaning. However, the stainless steel material is not easy to change, and it is difficult to handle the corners of the cabinet countertop. Advantages: modern vision, easy to clean, strong practicability. Disadvantages: not abrasion-resistant, it will age after a long time. 3. Tempered glass Tempered glass is resistant to high temperatures, has average abrasion resistance, and is relatively easy to clean. It can also be customized into different colors through back paint or baking paint. Advantages: easy to clean, smooth and transparent visual effects. Disadvantages: The material itself is relatively brittle, not resistant to impact, and local high temperature is also more dangerous. Extended reading: Six precautions to prevent cabinet deformation 4. Caesar stone belongs to quartz stone countertops, which has the general advantages of artificial stone materials, such as scratch resistance, stain resistance, easy cleaning, anti-aging, antibacterial and other characteristics, and it also has different colors And texture. Advantages: There are more designs and colors, and new countertop varieties will be launched every year according to the latest international popular colors. 5. DuPont Corian is an artificial stone countertop with a variety of colors and colors to choose from. It is integrally formed, without seams, and can be polished and refurbished repeatedly. General stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth or detergent. In addition, the material can be customized according to different needs, and can have different shapes or curvatures. But also avoid contact with chemical agents such as strong acids or bases. Advantages: The material has a high density, which can block oil, dust and ultraviolet rays in the kitchen. The surface is easy to clean, and because it can block ultraviolet rays, the material itself will not turn yellow or discolor for a long time. High temperature resistant, not afraid of impact, no harmful volatiles. Disadvantages: The price of pure acrylic material is high. 6. Concrete is an artificial stone, which is characterized by good strength and durability. Because it is poured into shape, it can be molded into various shapes according to needs. Many people like the natural simplicity of concrete materials and the sense of industrial machinery. After pouring into shape, the table top can be polished smoothly and can be used as the countertop of the cabinet. Advantages: It can be poured into various shapes, and the price is cheap. Disadvantages: It is not easy to clean, and the rough surface of the material will also hide dirt. Extended reading: 4 ways to price cabinets
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