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What knowledge do I need to know to collect golden nanmu? superior

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-03
Due to my country's vast territory, there are many varieties of phoebe, but the quality is uneven due to the different producing areas, and the price varies greatly. The majority of collectors are like looking at flowers in the mist. According to investigations and studies, there are nearly one hundred species of Phoebe nanmu in my country, but the quality of Phoebe nanmu is the best. There are three reasons: one: the wood of Phoebe nanchu is the most delicate, warm and moist as jade. Two: The old material of Phoebe porcupines is continuously oxidized with the accumulation of time and air contact, the crystallization rate in the wood will gradually increase, the gold wire will continue to 'growThree: It is the scent of Zhennan is elegant, fresh, and remote, and the fragrance is long-lasting and undefeated for thousands of years. The scent of common nanmu can only be retained for a few years and then disappear. Due to the golden silk, the woody jade, the highest ornamental value, the elegant and long-lasting scent, and the pleasant health preservation, the phoebe has always been exclusive to the royal family. Based on the above three points, the collection of nanmu furniture should start with the collection of nanmu furniture, and the best financial strength is to collect golden nanmu furniture, but whether you can buy real golden nanmu furniture is something you can't find. It depends on fate. Related reading: What knowledge do I need to know when collecting golden nanmu? The nanmu that does not have golden threads is golden nanmu, because most nanmu has more or less golden threads, and not all nanmu can become golden nanmu after washing over time. The gold thread of Phoebe nanmu is actually a kind of crystal formed by long oxidation of the cell sap of Phoebe nanmu, which can reflect light from multiple angles. The identification of golden nanmu must meet the following four standards: 1. It must be old material of nannan; 2. The texture is crystal clear or semi-transparent under light; 3. The color of golden silk is very high, and the crystallization rate of the whole piece of wood must reach 80%. Above, under the light, there is a fantasy effect of changing sceneries and startling people step by step; fourth, the wood grain must have auspicious appearance, such as tiger skin pattern, phoenix pattern, sun light, sea of u200bu200bclouds, waves, mountain peaks, etc. It should be said that the golden nanmu is the best wood selected from the old materials of the nannan with a specific standard. It is a masterpiece of art that originates from nature and is higher than that of nature. It is the unique beauty of humanities and art in China. Therefore, the definition of nanmu must be related to its specific historical function and cultural connotation, and must refer to the specific criteria used by the emperor. To say that nanmu with golden thread is golden nanmu is actually an act of ignorance of history and culture, and it is also an extremely irresponsible interpretation and vulgar understanding of Chinese national quintessence art.
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