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What knowledge do I need to know to collect golden nanmu? Down

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-03
Regarding the collection of golden nanmu, the author has several experiences and experiences: First of all, we should not rush for quick success and quick gain in collecting nanmu furniture. Secondly, the starting point for the collection of golden nanmu should be high, focusing on the production of big brands. There is a saying in the industry called 'three points of material and seven points of craftsmanship'. Golden nanmu is naturally beautiful and beautiful, and must be matched with the most outstanding craftsmanship in China to make golden nanmu become an exquisite art treasure. forever. Otherwise, it will be violent, without the slightest collection and investment value, and greed for small gains often suffer big losses. The value of an exquisite piece of golden silk nan is often more than a hundred ordinary things. The third is to do what we can, and we must have sufficient financial resources. The collection objects of golden nanmu furniture should be the top successful people in society who are eager to pursue spiritual pleasure after their material needs are basically met. At present, most of the phoebe furniture sold by small merchants on the market are Shui Nan and Huang Xin Nan. The quality is very different from the old materials of Zhen Nan, and the price difference is dozens or even hundreds of times. The woody phoebe is rough and has no fragrance. The main feature of Phoebe cylindrica is that the color of the wood grain is too yellow and there is basically no layering, the pattern is monotonous and dull, the wood is thicker, and the new-cut noodles have a strong fragrance. If it is left for a long time, the fragrance will disappear and there will be peculiar smell. Runnan has a delicate wood and is most easily confused with Zhennan. The difference between Runnan is mainly due to its texture. Runnan has a poor oxidative gradation effect when exposed to air, and the 'golden silk' will not grow. There are even some merchants who purchase Nanmu coffin boards to make furniture and sell them at low prices. The identification of the nanmu coffin board is not difficult. First, the coffin board has been stored underground for a long time, and it feels damp and cold to touch, and the shade is very heavy; the second is the color is dark and green, and there are corpse oil stains or black spots on the wood. Related reading: What knowledge do I need to know when collecting golden nanmu? Here is a special reminder to consumers: 1. Golden nanmu furniture is a new thing, with strong professionalism, and it is easy for ordinary people to get confused. You should consult relevant experts and professionals. 2. Golden nanmu furniture has been exclusively used by Chinese nobles since ancient times. It is rare and expensive and expensive. The majority of classic furniture lovers and collectors should not have the psychology of picking up and leaking. Nowadays, the price of old Phoebe nannies aniseed is soaring, and one piece of wood is discussed. Generally, a piece of old nannan aniseed is at least more than 100,000 yuan. Jin Si Nan is selected from the old materials of Zhen Nan, and the probability of selecting the material is about 1% to 2%, which is very expensive. 3. After the golden nanmu furniture is made, it can only be waxed in its natural color. Do not paint. Once the paint is made, the appreciation value and health value of the golden nanmu furniture will disappear. Nowadays, some people blindly buy nanmu logs as investment. Dongyang Woodcarving.com believes that it is not advisable, because as long as you don’t open the material, there is no absolute certainty that it will be old nanmu or golden nanmu, and it is easy to get out of sight; To become exquisite golden nanmu furniture and highlight its natural beauty. It is called 'turning decay into magic' in the industry. It is an extremely professional work. It must be matched with China's top craftsmanship, involving many traditional crafts and unique skills. It is not easy, otherwise it will be violent and undesirable. There are also some people who buy nanmu gloomy wood from Sichuan in an attempt to maintain and increase its value, which often backfires. In fact, there are a lot of nanmu gloomy wood in Sichuan, and its economic value and use value are not high. Because the nanmu gloomy wood has disappeared, it can't be used for furniture, and it has no health value. Some have a huge radiation effect, which is extremely harmful to the human body. . As long as a thousand-year-old nanmu gloomy wood is transported from Sichuan to Beijing, it will crack in all directions within a few months and be destroyed. Now Nanmu furniture has just entered people's field of vision, the price is in its infancy, and it is very affordable. It is a rare historical opportunity to buy collections or even large investments to buy the finest Zhennan furniture and Jinsinan furniture.
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