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What kinds of walnuts are there? What is the difference between American black walnut and European walnut?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-22
Now there are many types of solid wood furniture on the market. Only walnut furniture is divided into black walnut, red walnut, white walnut, etc. Consumers are often at a loss when purchasing. So, how to distinguish and buy walnut furniture? First of all, walnuts are divided into South American black walnuts, European walnuts, American black walnuts, and red walnuts due to different origins. South American black walnut South American walnut is mainly distributed in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico. The diameter section shows the dark brown of the United States with black stripes. The texture is up to wavy texture, and the structure is quite coarse. Trade name: Peruvian walnut, South American walnut, American black walnut, American black walnut, commonly called American walnut, or black walnut for short, is produced in North America and is one of the most valuable hardwood species, known as American Broadleaf The king of leaf wood. If red sandalwood and huanghuali represent Eastern culture, then American black walnut symbolizes Western civilization. The status of the two is the same noble. American black walnut furniture embodies a kind of low-key nobility and restrained luxury. He is noble but not arrogant. He is luxurious but not ostentatious. American black walnut American black walnut belongs to the Juglans family, hardwood diffuse-porous wood, with small tube holes, smooth cut surface, fine material, easy to engrave, and its growth cycle can reach hundreds of years. The surface wood of American black walnut is creamy white, and the heartwood is light brown to brownish black. Only the middle wood has corrugated or curved wood grains with decorative graphics. The yield rate is lower than other woods, less than 30% . American black walnut is generally darker in color than its European relative, European walnut, and the difference between its heartwood and white wood is stronger than that of European walnut. In order to eliminate this difference, black walnut must be steamed to discolor the white wood before export. Its texture characteristics are also strong, but its main advantage lies in its use as a longer and wider sheet. The distribution area of u200bu200bAmerican black walnut is located in California and West Texas on the east coast of the United States and the west coast of the United States. This interval belongs to a temperate continental climate. This climate is characterized by four distinct seasons, cold and long winters, slow growth of trees, growth cycles of up to hundreds of years, high latewood rate, hard material, fine texture, and good dimensional stability , The expansion and contraction rate is small, and the product is not easy to deform. The growth rings of trees show obvious characteristics of growth rings due to the cessation of growth in winter, and beautiful patterns will appear after being cut. The charm of black walnut is not only the beautiful large parabolic pattern (big mountain pattern) on the string section, but also the curves, waves, scrolls, galls, and small nail-sized 'bird-pecks' knots that other trees do not have. At the same time, the black-gray strip or ribbon pattern is entrained, which is varied, pleasing to the eye, and has a very decorative effect. The sapwood of black walnut is milky white, and the heartwood ranges from light brown to dark chocolate. Black, dark gray, light gray, dark brown, light brown, reddish brown, golden, light yellow, cyan, cyan, colorful, distinct layers, strong contrast, full of leaping. Especially the rare noble and auspicious purple and stripes appear occasionally-purple gas comes from the east. Dark, noble, exotic, and luxurious, these words are the proper description of American black walnut as the king of American hardwood. Black walnut is very expensive, and wood veneer is usually used for furniture. The traditional veneer can be used for the surface of piano and the interior of high-end cars and yachts. Among them, the very precious California black walnut veneer is widely used in Rolls-Royce and Bentley. , Maybach, Lamborghini, BMW, Mercedes and other world-famous cars. Extended reading: The advantages and disadvantages of walnut furniture and the identification of European walnut European walnut European walnut is geographically distributed in Europe, including the United Kingdom, Asia Minor and Southwest Asia. The heartwood is different in color depending on the place of origin. It is generally gray-brown, but has darker, irregular smoky-brown streaks. The texture is up to wavy texture, and the structure is quite coarse. European walnut has a rougher wood and uneven color. European walnut has low rigidity, moderate bending strength and seismic strength, but has good impact resistance. Red walnut red walnut is produced in Burma, India, Vietnam, etc. The wood has a uniform color; it has a sour smell and an oily texture; the heartwood is yellowish brown to reddish brown, with a few thin or light dark fine lines. Part of the tube hole contains dark gum; the texture is straight or wavy; the wood has high strength, hard material, fine and uniform structure, corrosion resistance, good abrasion resistance, good performance, and low drying shrinkage. Extended reading: the advantages and disadvantages of walnut furniture
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