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What kinds of red rosewood are included

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-26
Red rosewood is currently the mainstream material for mahogany furniture production in China. It is sought after by mahogany furniture enthusiasts due to factors such as good wood properties, large stock, and reasonable prices. However, because red rosewood covers a large number of wood species, the appearance of red rosewood wood of different tree species is relatively similar, and there are not small differences in price, therefore, it brings consumers to buy red rosewood furniture. A lot of confusion. At the same time, judging from the existing scientific identification methods, it is difficult to identify specific tree species based on wood samples alone without providing leaf specimens. In other words, it is difficult to determine a red rosewood by scientific experiments. What kind of species belong to Dalbergia kozhi, Dalbergia spp. or other red rosewood species. Therefore, for consumers, mastering the basic identification methods has become a good homework for purchasing red rosewood furniture. As a major category in the national standard of 'RedwoodSeven tree species. The following are the members of the red rosewood family. The red rosewood family map limits the red rosewood species. The national standard of 'Redwood' stipulates several necessary conditions: Dalbergia tree species; the wood structure is fine to very thin, and the average chord diameter of the tube hole is not more than 200μm ; When the moisture content of the wood is 12%, the air-dry density is greater than 0.85g/cm3; the heartwood color of the wood is reddish brown to purple red. At the same time, it is described in the species of red rosewood trees and their wood characteristics: the growth ring type is diffuse to semi-dispersed porous wood, the heartwood is reddish brown or purple reddish brown, and the axial parenchyma is concentric layer thin line or Narrow band shape, fine structure, most of the air-dry density is very large, wave marks are visible or obvious, with acid aroma or very weak, the main producing area is tropical regions. And specify in the remarks: Most of the red rosewood sinks in the water, because the texture is staggered on the radial section often forming a band-like pattern. Extended reading: How to identify red rosewood furniture. Through the horizontal comparison of seven kinds of red rosewood wood, we can draw the following conclusion: First, the red rosewood wood must be a species of Dalbergia. Dalbergia is one of the five genera and eight categories in the national standard of 'Redwood'. The other four are Pterocarpus, Pterocarpus, Ironwood and Diospyros, and Dalbergia contains three more Woods, fragrant woods, black rosewoods, and the protagonist of this article, red rosewoods. Among the Dalbergia genus, the most prestigious is Dalbergia odorifera, which is commonly known as Hainan Huanghua pear, and red rosewood is the most widely used among them. Secondly, from the perspective of wood color, due to the difference in the production area, the new sections of Dalbergia cochinensis, Dalbergia australis, and Dalbergia barri from Southeast Asia are mostly purple-red brown or reddish brown, while Dalbergia vulgaris and Dalbergia from South America and Mexico In addition to the reddish-brown color of red rosewood wood, the new section of Dalbergia, Dalbergia villus and Central American Dalbergia will also show golden, orange and other colors, or accompanied by orange-red-brown stripes. Third, from the perspective of timber distribution, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, South America and Mexico in Southeast Asia are the main producing areas of red rosewood timber. In addition to Dalbergia cochinensis, Dalbergia australis and Dalbergia barri are produced in Southeast Asia, The rest are produced in South America and Mexico. Fourth, from the perspective of air-drying density under the same conditions, Dalbergia sibiricum has the highest air-drying density, which is 1.20g/cm3. Dalbergia barri is larger than Dalbergia cochinensis, and Dalbergia diffusible is usually larger than Dalbergia australis. Fifth, from the perspective of the scope of use of red rosewood, the most used and most popular red rosewood currently is Dalbergia cochinensis, followed by Dalbergia vulgaris, Dalbergia australis, Dalbergia barri (not ranked (In order), but the three species of Dalbergia sibiricum, Dalbergia vellus and Dalbergia in Central America are rarely used in China. Finally, judging from the history of Chinese hardwood furniture materials, Dalbergia Cochinensis and Dalbergia Barry have the longest traditions, followed by Dalbergia australis, and Dalbergia diffusible from the Americas last.
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