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What kind of solid wood furniture is good?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-07
What kind of solid wood furniture is good? What are the main classifications of wood for solid wood furniture? Is there a difference between the same kind of wood? These are the puzzles that people will encounter before buying solid wood furniture. Today, I will take you to see which wood species are available in solid wood furniture and what are the characteristics of each wood. Commonly used wood for oak shoe cabinet solid wood furniture has the following types: Oak (white oak, red oak): Oak is characterized by heavy hardness, straight texture, coarse structure, elegant color and beautiful texture, high mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, and straight oak patterns. The difference between grain and horizontal grain, straight grain is better-looking, and the price is slightly more expensive. When buying, pay attention to distinguish it from rubber wood furniture to prevent being fooled. Maple: moderate weight, fine structure, easy to process, smooth cutting surface, good finish and adhesion, and warp when dry. Camphor wood: moderate weight, fine structure, fragrant, not easy to deform when dry, good processing, coating, and adhesion. Willow: moderate material, slightly rough structure, easy to process, good bonding and finishing properties. Slight cracking and warping when dry. Plywood made of willow wood is called Philippine board. Fraxinus mandshurica: The material is slightly heavier and harder, the pattern is beautiful, the structure is thick, it is easy to process, the toughness is good, the coating and the adhesiveness are good, and the drying property is average. Elm: beautiful pattern, coarse structure, good processability, coating, adhesiveness, poor drying, easy to crack and warp. Birch: The material is slightly heavier and harder, the structure is fine, the strength is large, and the workability, coating, and adhesion are good. Pine: Pine is divided into white pine and red pine. The red pine is light and soft, with moderate strength, good dryness, water resistance, corrosion resistance, and good processing, coating, coloring, and cementing properties. White pine: light and soft material, full of elasticity, fine and uniform structure, good dryness, water resistance, corrosion resistance, good processing, coating, coloring and cementation. White pine is stronger than Korean pine. Extended reading: Comparison between Fraxinus mandshurica and oak. Paulownia: The material is very light and soft, the structure is thick, the cutting surface is not smooth, the dryness is good, and it does not crack. .Basswood: The material is slightly lighter and softer, the structure is slightly thinner, has silky luster, is not easy to crack, and has good processing, coating, coloring and cementing properties. It is not resistant to corrosion and warps slightly when dry. Oak: Hard material, coarse structure, high strength, difficult to process, good coloring and finishing, poor adhesion, easy to dry, and easy to crack. Beech wood: hard material, straight texture, fine structure, wear-resistant and shiny, not easy to deform when dry, good processing, coating, and adhesion. Tips: Look at patterns and scars when purchasing: solid wood furniture has natural wood texture, a good solid wood board, you can see a pattern from the front, open the cabinet door, you can see the corresponding position Pattern. Similarly, pure solid wood boards generally have scars on the front side, and there should be scars on the other side.
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