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What kind of growth environment does the mahogany tree need?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-29
Mahogany furniture is deeply loved by the people. Tropical rainforest plants, including mahogany, can regulate the global climate and maintain the ecosystem. Excessive cutting of mahogany will destroy the habitat of many organisms and cause soil erosion at the same time. It is reported that rosewood has been cut down all over the world, and the United Nations has issued an order to protect tropical rainforest plants, including rosewood, and ban deforestation. In the United Kingdom, there is even a law that stipulates that it is illegal to buy and sell mahogany furniture, because mahogany is a protected tree species. The growth environment of the mahogany tree species The annual rings of the tree grow in the form of concentric circles, and one annual ring is generated every year. We can learn about the climate and natural environment that affect their growth by observing the annual rings of redwood tree species, and explore the growth environment of redwood tree species. The cross-sections of mahogany tree species all present concentric circles of varying numbers and irregularities, namely annual rings. The ring-like structure of these annual rings changes with climate change. Like the mahogany trees that grow in tropical rainforests, they enjoy the environment with sufficient moisture and high temperature. The cell division speed is relatively fast, the cell wall is thin, the shape is larger, the material is softer, and the material color is light. The round structure formed is relatively wide, which is called early Timber belt; while the mahogany grown in temperate and cold zones in autumn or tropical dry season lacks water carriers to transport nutrients, so the nutrient flow of trees is slow, the activity of cambium cells gradually weakens, cell division slows down and gradually stops , The cell cavity is small, the wall is thick, the material color is deep, the organization is denser, and the formed wheel-like structure is relatively narrow, which is called the late wood belt. In a growing season, a gradual transition from early wood to late wood, a complete ring-like structure, namely annual rings, appears on the cross section of the wood. Early wood and late wood directly affect the natural texture change and color difference of mahogany material. It can be seen that the magnificent texture and warm color of mahogany are the crystallization of nature's extraordinary craftsmanship. Further reading: Detailed introduction of five genera and eight categories of mahogany furniture. The growth of mahogany depends on a specific height and special soil. Mahogany generally grows in tropical jungles or swamps with heights ranging from 200 to 1200 meters, and grows quickly and leaves luxuriantly in deep, moist, and fertile places. Northern California has a lot of rainfall, spring seasons, and plenty of sunshine. Such a pleasant climate is very suitable for the growth of redwoods. The growth period of mahogany is extremely slow. It grows only 3 cm thick every 100 years. It is known as 'millennium red sandalwood, a hundred years of rosewoodThe growth cycle of mahogany is longer than other trees, and it is not afraid of fire. It is a veritable rare tree species.
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