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What kind of furniture do women of different ages prefer?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-22
Excluding the differences in appreciation and opinions formed by differences in personality, education, position, economic income, etc., women's different age levels have different love and choice of furniture, so what do young girls, mature women and sangyu women like? What about style furniture? Let you have a look. Young girls capture fashion, color and romance. Girls in adolescence love fashion, admire color, and have a natural romantic temperament. For the furniture in the room, they pay more attention to the style of furniture, bright colors, and romantic style. They have a special sensitivity to color. Some like the bold and unrestrained red; some like the subtlety of light gray; some like the lively orange; some like the tranquility of light blue; some like the elegance of coffee; some like the mystery of purple; some I like the nobility of black; some like the purity of white; some like the color matching of flowers and colors. The fashion in their minds is that the style is novel but not weird, the style is avant-garde but not afraid of publicity, full of modernity and contains cultural elements. There are various versions of the fashion they agree with. Some prefer the lines of metal and the transparency of glass; some are in love with the natural color and natural texture of wood; some are obsessed with the smoothness and simplicity of board construction; some are obsessed with the softness of fabric And warmth etc. Due to the characteristics of the living space, in addition to satisfying the above-mentioned psychological needs, they are also relatively fond of relatively small and functional furniture, low-profile furniture, cartoon furniture, strangely shaped soft furniture that can be changed at will, and flexible furniture. Furniture that is foldable and easy to move has a considerable magnetic force for people. Extended reading: Feng Shui on the feminine dressing table. Mature women looking for introvertedness, comfort, quality, and taste. Most middle-aged women have made achievements in family and work, and their mentality has gradually shifted from being open and unrestrained to introverted and peaceful. Although rationality is gradually Many, but the sensibility still coexists. Their pursuit of home is relaxation and comfort, quality and taste. The love and choice of furniture is based on the premise of focusing on the application, and paying more attention to the quality of the furniture, the exquisite details, the timeless taste, and the comfort that the furniture can bring to them. In the style of furniture, most of them no longer pursue the unconventional, but pay more attention to the cultural atmosphere and aesthetic accumulation of the furniture. The graceful beauty of the Italian cultural revival, the French 18th century classic elegance, the Spanish deep-carved rhythm, the British court aristocratic temperament, the German rigorous and refined, the American sophisticated and luxurious, the Nordic delicate and simple, Japanese The compact and square, the elegant and elegant of the Chinese Ming style, the simplicity and quietness of rattan art, the vigorous and ancient bamboo art, the blending of Chinese and Western iron art, etc., will all meet those who have a soft spot among them. They pay special attention to the quality of furniture and are well versed in the principle of 'quality is in the details'. Not only should the materials be high-quality, but the workmanship should be fine, but also the ingenuity and exquisiteness should be highlighted in the details. Every metal decorative thread or wooden thread, every metal or solid wood handle, and every engraved part are striving to be smooth and translucent; every metal or nylon sliding rail is striving to be light and smooth. As for the color of the furniture, most of them like gentle neutral warm colors, and of course some people prefer neutral cool colors. Extended reading: Four types of feminine bedroom decoration tips. Sangyu women like casual, natural, concise and comfortable. Elderly women are peaceful and pragmatic. They like clean and simple living environment. Their preference and choice of furniture can create a simple, casual, natural and comfortable environment. Comfortable living space. Older women often like to recall the past, and their specific psychology makes them love the color of furniture, and they tend to prefer light colors. Because the light color is bright and bright, such as white oak, white maple, light walnut, lavender, light pink, light yellow, water green and so on. They also like to arrange a bright spot with a strong contrast in the 'unified' color spectrum at home, such as placing a large red L-shaped sofa in the living room furniture based on white oak, which is very eye-catching and complements each other. Regarding the styles and styles of furniture, they mostly pay attention to what 'stylesThe combination of solid wood and board wood; pure board type, they also have their own love, but they like the overall harmony. They don't like cumbersome and tacky carvings, weird shapes, and ostentatious 'avant-garde' and heavy 'classic'. They are extremely concerned about whether the furniture they use is most suitable for their physical and mental characteristics. For example, when choosing a bed, they will pay attention to the distance between the bed board and the ground, and the softness and hardness of the mattress. When choosing a sofa, you will also look for ones with a higher seat surface above the ground, higher foam density, and higher resilience. They like L-shaped corner sofas because they can sit and lie down. They also like to decorate their homes with two or three pieces of rattan furniture, for example, placing a small rattan table and two small rattan armchairs in the enclosed balcony of the bedroom or living room. Older women do not like wardrobes, jewelry cabinets and bookcases higher than 1800 mm, because they feel inconvenient to pick up clothes and books. Older women don't like glass furniture and metal furniture. They feel that the former is too 'cold' and the latter is too 'hard'.
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