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What kind of collection value does the old mahogany furniture have

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-22
With the decline of old mahogany furniture, the value of mahogany furniture has become more and more obvious, and its cultural relic value, material value, ornamental value, use value, and investment value have also attracted more attention. Five value analysis of old mahogany furniture collection 1. Cultural relic value: old mahogany is a product of a specific era in the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is a rare historical relic. It represents the level of furniture material and craftsmanship in the Ming and Qing dynasties, such as porcelain, jade and other collections. The same is the historical cultural relics of the Qing Dynasty, which cannot be replaced by other collections, and has a high cultural relic value. 2. Material value: Most of the rosewood in Ming and Qing dynasties came from India and Thailand in Southeast Asia, commonly known as 'Indian Red' and 'Thai Red'. The domestic demand for hardwood furniture has expanded, and precious redwood from Southeast Asia has been continuously shipped into the country. In terms of materials, Indian and Thai mahogany are the most superior, second only to red sandalwood. It is a rapidly emerging alternative material after red sandalwood is exhausted, and has good quality similar to red sandalwood. The material is firm and heavy, fine and dense, anti-corrosion and mothproof, and not easy to deform. After the furniture is made, it is rubbed and oxidized, smooth as a mirror, radiant, smooth and cool to touch, the color is dark and old, and it has a subtle and meaningful noble beauty. The longer the patina, the more exciting it is. Related reading: Does the mahogany home have the limit of life? How to maintain mahogany furniture III. Appreciation value: The 'addiction' of old mahogany comes out of play, and the more you play, the more addicted it becomes. If you have a polished old mahogany table or table with an censer or other antiques in your hall or study room, the effect of the hall or study room is very brilliant. It bears witness to the human history two hundred years ago, and its nobleness and beauty are revealed in its bones. Its owner is comfortable, appreciative, caressing, and loving. It not only brings infinite joy to the owner, but also shows the noble cultural taste of its owner. 4. Use value: The old mahogany furniture made with traditional craftsmanship can best be left to future generations as handed down collections. It is not as fragile as porcelain and jade, nor is it like painting and calligraphy. There is no problem. Take a look at the free disassembly and assembly of the tenon and tenon joints, and you will understand that two hundred years have passed, and the years have left little traces. 5. Investment value: 'Value preservation' and 'value appreciation' can be said to be one of the biggest reasons why many consumers buy mahogany furniture. The scarcity is the most expensive, and the genuine and well-made mahogany furniture is worth a lot. It does have the necessary scarcity of investment products. In addition, for investors, experts especially emphasize that you must 'act according to your ability' and grasp your own Capital budget, purchase furniture within the budget. In addition, materials, art, and technology are indispensable. If there is one thing that is not perfect, it will directly affect the overall value, especially materials and art. It is necessary to carefully consider the balance between the two. If it is for the purpose of investment, consumers need to consider buying fine mahogany furniture. The quality of mahogany furniture is uneven, the transaction and circulation are difficult, and the price is inflated, which may be the risks that investors need to pay more attention to.
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