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What kind of board should I choose for a custom wardrobe? What is the quality of the panels of the customized wardrobe?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-26
To customize the wardrobe, it involves what kind of wardrobe board to use, which also needs to be discussed in accordance with standards such as material, price, and ring quality. Let's take a look at it in detail. Customized wardrobe materials: Generally speaking, the custom-made substrates are high-density MDF, or solid wood particle board, which is particle board. If the inside is green, it is moisture-proof board. There are splints and large core boards. On the inside, the MDF is solid wood veneer on the outside. The price of custom-made wardrobe panels: Among the panels of custom-made wardrobes, plywood is the most expensive because it contains less formaldehyde and is waterproof. Particleboard is the cheapest. The content of formaldehyde must be identified by a specialized technical department. Regarding the density board, according to the different density, it can be divided into high density board, medium density board, and low density board. The price ranges from ten to fifty to sixty yuan per sheet. Extended reading: What kind of board is good for custom wardrobes? How to customize the wardrobe? The quality of customized wardrobe panels: MDF is generally used in furniture on the market, and there are also low-density fiberboard and high-density fiberboard. Because the texture of low-density fiberboard is too soft, and the high-density fiberboard is expensive and unnecessary , So the furniture is among them. And whether to choose solid wood particle board or MDF? This article explains the whole wardrobe board purchase guide in detail. Comparison of medium density board and solid wood particle board. Comparison of medium density board and particle board 1. The environmental protection of customized wardrobe board is not determined by the famous brand. It is determined by the formaldehyde-free sheet glue. That is, it depends on whether the sheet manufacturer has developed or purchased formaldehyde-free sheet adhesive, and whether or not all formaldehyde-free adhesive sheets are used. One is to look at the test report (only the report of the National Quality Inspection Center), and the second is to check the free aldehyde content (this is the most important. The highest national furniture environmental protection standard is E1, and the formaldehyde emission is <1.5mg /l. 2. Touch the flatness of the surface of the customized wardrobe board. If it feels uneven or wavy, or is not full or dented, it means that the board has holes and gaps or there is debris under the surface. The quality of the slats Too bad and scraped too much putty. The surface of a good board is plump, flat and thick to the touch; the rubberized board layer is a straight line. If it is not a straight line, the board surface must not be flat. The quality of the board is not good. . The main reason for the uneven surface is the inconsistent thickness of the slats. 3. Look at the water resistance of the custom-made wardrobe panels. Pour some water on the surface of the panels and rub them repeatedly after 10 minutes to see if the surface is Wrinkle or peeling of the glue. If these phenomena occur, it is a garbage board. Because the service life of the board is directly related to its water resistance. The water resistance is good, the service life is long, and vice versa. 4. Look at the rubberized board of the customized wardrobe board The thickness of the sheet. If the rubber-coated sheet is thinner (anything less than 1.5 mm, there is not much load capacity; the rubber-coated sheet is less than 1 mm, it is a short-lived sheet), the load force of the sheet is worse, and it is not durable. It is a short-lived board garbage board. On the other hand, the loadability of the board (above 1.5mm) is better, and the service life is longer. Whether there are gaps and whether there is glue between the kanban strips. The method is to move the entire large board half and hang in the air And fix it, press down hard, and feel whether it is strong. 5. Look at the cleanliness and aesthetics of the customized wardrobe board. If there is pollution, wrinkles or vacancies, falling off scars or damage, then it is the secondary board. Good board or qualified board There are no such problems. Related reading: Steps and points of customizing a wardrobe
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