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What is tv stand?

What is tv stand?

  • what is kitchen cabinet

  • It is usually wall mounted and much bigger in size than a TV stand. A media cabinet may have shelves with shutters or doors while a console mostly has open shelves. Do you need a TV stand? Yes, a TV stand is a must-have to hold and hide all the wires neatly and to organize TV remotes, DVD player and TV box etc.

  • What do you call furniture that holds TV?

  • Hutch. The hutch is a venerable piece of furniture, where cabinetry or shelving are stacked atop a horizontal counter space. The TV stand variation merely makes room for the television and carries flanking cabinetry.

  • What is a stand for a TV called?

  • Media centers, also known as wall units or entertainment centers: Are often very large, occupying significant wall space. Surround the television on each side and sometimes above. Offer plenty of storage and display options via shelves, drawers and cabinets.

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