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What is the working principle of the chair lift? Why does the chair lift explode?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-08
Nowadays, in the office or in the study of our home, in addition to the sofa, we can see the figure of the chair lift, like the barber shop, we can see the existence of the chair lift even more. Chair lifts have been used in many corners of our lives, so do you understand the principle of a chair lift that is so widely used and can adjust the height of the chair independently? What is a lift chair: A lift chair is a general term. It refers to a swivel chair whose surface height can be adjusted up and down and the chair surface can rotate horizontally. People usually call it by names such as swivel lift chair, swivel chair, computer chair, and office chair. Since there is a lifting device for adjusting the height under the seat surface of this kind of seat, the seat surface can be raised and lowered. According to whether the lifting device used is pneumatic or hydraulic, the chair lift is divided into two types: pneumatic chair lift and hydraulic chair lift. The working principle of the lift chair: The lift of the lift chair is mainly realized by the lifting device under the seat surface. The current lifting device is mainly divided into three categories: hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic. Pneumatic chair lift is the most common type of chair lift. There is a pneumatic rod in the pneumatic chair lift. The pneumatic rod uses gas and liquid as the working medium. It can support, buffer, brake, adjust height and angle, etc. The basic principle of a functional elastic element is that the inside is filled with high-pressure nitrogen. Because there is a through hole inside the piston, the gas pressure at both ends of the piston is equal, and the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe two sides of the piston is different. One end is connected with a piston rod and the other end is not. Under the action of gas pressure, the pressure to the side with the smaller cross-sectional area is generated, that is, the elastic force of the pneumatic rod. When a person sits up and gives pressure to the lifting shaft, the lifting shaft will drop gently, with uniform speed, and can be reduced to the lowest point. No external force is applied to the lifting shaft, and the lifting shaft is raised back to the highest point. Regular manufacturers use nitrogen to fill, the concentration is generally above 99%, and the pressure is about one or two atmospheres. The function of the lifting device of the lift chair: 1. When the lift valve switch is pressed, the person sits up, that is, pressure is applied to the lift shaft, the lift shaft will drop gently, the speed is uniform, and it can be lowered to the lowest point; if there is no chair People, or do not apply downward external force to the chair surface, then the lifting shaft immediately springs back to the highest point, slightly faster, less than a second. 2. When the valve switch is not pressed or the valve switch is released in the middle of pressing, the lifting shaft will remain at the current position, and neither compression nor stretching can make it move relative to the outer sleeve. Free-style gas spring: The free-style gas spring is simpler and consists of three parts: a closed cylinder, a piston in the cylinder, and a piston rod that extends to the outside. The air pressure inside the cylinder is greater than the atmospheric pressure outside, and there are small holes on both sides of the piston inside the cylinder. According to the knowledge of middle school physics, if the piston rod is pressed inward, the resistance is constant, which is the difference between the air pressure at both ends of the piston rod. The self-locking type means that a shaft is added to the free-type piston rod, and the innermost end of the shaft is connected to a valve, which controls the connecting hole of the piston part. When the valve is pressed, there is a connecting hole, which is equivalent to a free style; when the valve bounces, there is no connecting hole, and it will be locked. Note: The cylinder is our outer sleeve; the piston is our lifting shaft; the shaft in the piston is our valve button switch. ▽Why does the air-lifting swivel chair explode? The lift chair is a commonly used swivel chair in which the cushion is lifted and lowered by a pneumatic rod. The seat is divided into three parts: cushion, pneumatic rod and runner. There is an air cylinder in the air pressure rod, and the up and down movement of the piston rod in the air cylinder governs the lifting of the swivel chair. The pressure rod is filled with nitrogen. The principle of a pneumatic chair is like a balloon that has not reached the critical point of explosion. When it is squeezed, the internal pressure increases, and when it exceeds the critical point, it may explode. ▽How to prevent the chair lift from exploding? 1. The air pressure rod of the chair is mainly lifted and lowered by high-pressure nitrogen. Generally, the purity of the gas is less than 90%, which may cause safety hazards. Some manufacturers fill the air pressure rod with high-pressure air or other gases in order to save costs, and the safety is greatly reduced. 2. If the sealing is not tight, it will also cause an explosion. 3. The firmness of the material of the pressure rod container wall will directly affect the safety of the chair. ▽How to prevent the chair lift from exploding? 1. Choose regular furniture brand products. When buying products with conformity marks, don't try to buy low-quality goods cheaply. 2. When buying a swivel chair, first look at whether the plastic bottom of the swivel chair is strong, and then slide the swivel chair back and forth. A good-quality swivel chair can rotate more flexibly without tilting. 3. When the chair is in use, do not repeatedly rotate and rise. After using for a period of time, it should be checked in time. Once cracks or loose signs are found, it should be repaired and replaced in time. 4. Sit carefully when weighing more than 100 kg. Related reading: What kind of seat is good for your body? What conditions should a healthy chair meet?
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